Tips to increase the longevity of LED Televisions – TV Maintenance Tips


How long do LED TVs last?

Most of the consumers who have LED TVs at their home or office premise or planning to buy one, have this question in their heads.

This is how generally the life expectancy of a TV is checked; brightness of the TV! Compare the brightness of the TV now to when it was new. When a TV reduces its original brightness to half, it is considered that its life expectancy has come to an end. In literal terms, lifespan can be defined as increasing dimness before it becomes unwatchable. Although, it depends on the manufacturing brand, but usually it is estimated to be between 60,000 – 1,00,000 hours. (

How to protect your LED Television?

As we now know that protecting brightness can help in maintaining the TV for longer, here are a few simple tips to maintain the brightness.

1. Turn Off the TV when not in use


It is more of a common-sense advice which shall be practiced to maintain your TV’s lifespan and save Electricity! Most of the time, people leave LED TVs running in the background, leading to over 1,000 hours’ annual wastage of TV’s life.

Whenever not in use, Turning Off the TV will not only help in increasing its longevity but also savings on the electricity bill.

2. High Brightness levels affect TV’s lifespan

Keeping the brightness of LED TV high reduces its lifespan from 60,000 hours to 30,000 hours. Always adjust the brightness as per the availability of light in the room. If the room has dim lights, you can increase the brightness and if the room is happily lit, there is no need to keep the TV at high brightness levels. It is one of the tiny things but highly effective when it comes to maintaining your LED TVs for years.

3. Adjust Contrast levels as per the usage


The ‘Contrast’ feature on the TV refers to the difference between the brightest and darkest colors. High Contrast levels lead to consume more power which, in turn, will reduce the longevity of the TV. By default, the TV manufacturers set the contrast settings to ‘’dynamic’’ or ‘’vivid’’. Instead, you should set the setting to ‘’standard’’ or ‘’movie’’ which tend to consume less power, helping your TV to live longer.

4. Use a Voltage Regulator to avoid power fluctuations


It is generally perceived that TVs get spoilt due to display damage but most of them get failed because of power fluctuations. In order, to keep a proper supply of electricity, it is always good to get a Voltage Regulator installed at your home. Since a Television is not the only electronic gadget at your place, and other things like AC, Fridge, Washing Machine etc. also consume a significant amount of electricity, a voltage regulator then helps in providing additional power during fluctuations.

5. Always Ventilate your LED TV


Since an LED TV uses a lot of electricity to run, it produces a lot of heat in its surroundings. Generally, people while getting their TVs installed do not leave breathing space for TV which can be dangerous in the longer run. Keeping the television hot affects the life of its own and it could become dangerous for us well.  Always, make sure that there should be at least 4 inches breathing space around the ventilation vents.  Prefer keeping the television on a table top or entertainment center, and not to get it installed against the wall.

While these simple and quick tips will help, you save the life of your television, do not sacrifice on the picture quality and overall virtual viewing experience. These are generic tips which can be useful in increasing longevity of the TV of any brand. But, making a choice of which TV to buy could be a tough call. Tapp Me can help you out with that also.

And while enjoying with your family, if your TV suddenly stops working, display not working, sound not coming etc., you can always resort to Tapp Me for quality Home & Office Repair solutions, India’s leading brand in the name of Repair & Maintenance Industry!





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