8 Basic Vastu Tips for Kitchen at Home

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Simple Vastu Tips for an ideal kitchen to bring Prosperity & Fortune

Festive Celebrations are around the corner and so is the Financial New Year. With a fresh start with to the Year, you all would be planning to give your House also a fresh look. When we say House, Kitchen becomes an integral part for consideration. Where Housewives spend maximum time of the day in the kitchen, it becomes essential that the ambience of Kitchen shall be maintained properly. Along with trendy interior and maintenance of kitchen appliances, the science of vastu also plays an important role in enhancing the aura of the kitchen. Vastu is not just restricted to House location & placement, the location of the kitchen, gas stove, electronic appliances, gas cylinder, fridge, and even the sink matters in bringing complete prosperity and fortune for the family.

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We at Tapp Me, have got some basic Vastu Tips which will be helpful in proper positioning of Kitchen appliances like Water Purifier, Microwave Oven, Toaster and other accessories.

  • Which side Kitchen should be?


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The reason to have a kitchen is to have a proper place to cook food, and cooking involves fire. So, as per vastu South-East corner of the house shall be kept for kitchen since this direction governs element of fire. If for some reason, you are not able to space out South-East you can also consider North-West corner of the house.

Always ensure that the kitchen of your house must not share a wall with toilet or bathroom. In case, it is a multi-storey bathroom, it is never made below a bathroom or toilet. In case, it is sharing a wall get a Professional Plumber and get it fixed, today!

  • Where to place Gas Stove as per vastu?


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Just like the placement of kitchen, the placement of Gas stove shall also be in the South – East direction since the Gas Stove is the main source of cooking. The Person who is cooking should be facing the east direction only.

  • Where to place the Sink and Taps?


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Sink and Taps are all have to do with water, washing utensils, appliances etc. And, since Water and Fire are opposite elements and repel each other, they should always be kept away from the cooking gas. The ideal direction for them is North-East direction, away from the cooking stove.

  • Where to place fridge in the kitchen?


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If your fridge has been currently placed inside the kitchen, locate it in the South-East direction but it should be kept at minimum a foot away from the corner. Always avoid keeping it in the North-East direction.

  • How should be Kitchen Windows and Exhaust fan be placed?


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As per Vastu Shastra, it is essential to have a minimum of 1-2 windows in the kitchen. All the windows, small or large should be placed in the southern direction.

Talking about Exhaust fan, it should always be placed in the east direction and must have an air hole.

  • How to place Electrical Appliances as per vastu?


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As we all know, a kitchen is incomplete without the appliances in it. With growing demands and advanced technology, our kitchen is always filled with appliances like Microwave Oven, Toaster, Blender, Mixer-Grinder, Chimney etc. As per vastu, it is always recommended to place the appliances in the South-East direction, and never be placed in the North-East direction.

  • Where to keep drinking water vessels in the kitchen?


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Drinking water vessels includes earthen pot, RO, water purifier, pitcher, spare filled water bottles etc., and should be placed in the North -East direction of the kitchen.

  • Which type of colors should be used for kitchen?


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As per Vastu Shastra, always avoid dark colors like Black, Grey etc. Opt for vibrant colors like Yellow, Rose, Green, Orange or Red. It not only keeps the kitchen cooler, but also maintains the aura.

Keep in mind these basic vastu tips and your kitchen is all set to serve good food as well as prosperity.

While reading this article, if you have found any errors in your kitchen, you don’t need to worry, just contact Tapp Me and we will help you out with every possible problem.

Till then, have a #HappyHome!


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