8 Simple Tasks You Did Not Know a Microwave Can Do

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Help save your mom’s time with simple microwave tricks

We all have seen our mothers struggling with tiny tasks like peeling garlic, chopping and roasting nuts and so on. But thanks to the microwave oven (our knight in shining armour), these tasks have been made easier for her.

We, at Tapp Me, have got for you 8 simple things your microwave can help you do in minutes:

  1. Peeling GarlicMicrowave garlic

Peeling skin off garlic gives you not only unpleasant smelling hands, but also consumes a lot of time. How about peeling off the skin in 15 seconds without any pain?

Put the garlic in a microwave-safe dish and place it in the microwave oven for 15 seconds. The skin will come off effortlessly.

  1. Steaming Ricemicrowaving rice

Add 1 cup white rice, 2 cups water and ½ teaspoon salt in a microwave-safe bowl. Place the bowl without the lid in the oven for 15-18 minutes. Enjoy hot steaming rice on the go!

  1. Roasting NutsRoasting and toasting nuts using microwave

Roasting & toasting nuts on a gas stove is a painful and time-consuming job. One needs to keep stirring it until the color gets golden. If you have a microwave at your place, simply put nuts in a microwave-safe dish, pour a few drops of oil and microwave them for around 5 minutes. Give a steady stir after every minute.

You can use the same trick for pumpkin and sunflower seeds too.

  1. Freshen up your stale breadMicrowaving stale bread

If your 2-day old loaf of bread is getting hard to chew, then cover the bread slices with moist paper towel and keep it in the oven for 20 seconds.  Your re-moist bread is ready to be the a delicious sandwich for lunch!

  1. Make the most of citrus fruits/vegetablesmicrowave stale fruits

For extracting large amount of fresh juice of a lemon or an orange, put the uncut fruit in microwave for 10-15 seconds. It will help you squeeze out every drop till the last for all your fruits.

  1. Sanitizing spongesSanitizing your sponge using microwave

For the perfect house cleaning experience, soak your sponge in water and put it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes.  Use the disinfected sponge to shine your utensils, counters and table tops for a fresh feel.

  1. Boosting plants growthgrowing plants using the microwaving plants

For giving your plants a rich growth, sterilize soil by placing it in an oven-safe plastic container and microwaving it for 90 seconds per kilogram. The plants will grow healthy and green for your house garden.

  1. Removing stampsRemoving stamps using microwave

Struggling to remove a stamp from an envelope? Put a drop of water on the stamp and oven it for 10-15 seconds. The stamp will come off smoothly without any tearing or marks on the envelope.

At Tapp Me, we wish that you gift your mom a healthy, easy and peaceful life. And keep your microwave safe with Tapp Me! #MayforMom.

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