Air Cooler VS Air Conditioner, Which One Is Best For You?

air cooler vs air conditioner

“Should I get an air conditioner or an air cooler?” This question has been baffling the Indian population for years now! You will find consumers who advocate for an air cooler, and there is equivocal support for air conditioner as well. 

The cooler & the air conditioner both can deliver great results during the peak of summer season.  Some people choose cooler over air conditioner due to its low cost and power consumption and other choose an air conditioner for better temperature regulation and quality of air. However, both appliances are designed to turn cool the room and give us relief from high temperatures. So what should you buy? To get a better answer, we need to understand the concept and mechanisms of both the devices.

What Is An Air Cooler?

An air cooler runs on the principle of adding moisture to the hot air. A box-like structure which consists of an electric motor fan, pads made of grass (you can use honeycomb structures as well), and a water pump. When the water trickles through these pads, the motor fan pulls hot air from outside through these pads, causing a cooling effect. Air Coolers are a brilliant option if you live in dry / desert conditions. 

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  • An air coolers are a cheap alternative to an air conditioner. 
  • It is more energy efficient and It takes only ⅕ of the power an air conditioner consumes
  • Installation is much simpler
  • It is portable and you can be moved around with ease.
  • It is ideal for dry weather.
  • You don’t need any separate machinery including power stabilizer to run an air cooler.
  • An air cooler is environment-friendly and does not produce harmful gases which are hazardous to the ozone layer.
  • An air cooler is not ideal for arid climate.
  • There is a limitation with cooling capacity as compared to an air conditioner
  • Water intake in extreme summer is very high with the air cooler.
  • The cooling capacity isn’t precise and sometimes even fail to cool during extreme temperatures.
  • You might have to replace the pad of cooler yearly
  • A cooler can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and can lead to malaria and other diseases.
  • You need to replace water every 15-20 days.

What Is an air conditioner?

air conditioner

In an air conditioner, the warm air passes through refrigerated coils, which absorb the heat and gives cool air. Certain air conditioners are capable of performing both – heating and cooling. However, affording an air conditioner in India is a challenge and only 5% of Indian households own an air conditioner. 

Air conditioner

  • Much better regulation of temperature.
  • It can significantly deliver better air quality and cooling.
  • It is very silent.
  • Air condition delivers an ultimate & luxurious experience as compared with an air cooler
  • It can perform both tasks including cooling and heating of the room.
  • It produces gases which are harmful to the ozone layer
  • It is expensive and affordability remains an issue.
  • It takes a great amount of electricity to run an air conditioner
  • Maintenance cost is very high


As discussed above, there are advantages and disadvantages of both devices. If you want a little luxury and multiple features with precise cooling, then air conditioner is your pick. But if you are curious about the cost and affordability and if you care about the environment then go with an air cooler. If you live in the part where the humidity level is very high then an air cooler is futile for you.

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