Benefits of Switching Your Home Lighting to LED

Benefits of switching your home lighting to LED

When Thomas Edison introduced light bulb to the public, who knew it is going to change our lives forever. This marvelous and noble invention has made a significant place in our daily life, and without the light bulb, it just seems impossible now. As we tend to use different types of lighting device and equipment to illuminate our house, there are several changes have taken place in lighting technology which made this task more efficient and pleasing such as light-emitting diode aka LED lights, which has gradually increased its popularity in consumer lighting market and people have adapted this technology rapidly in recent years. LED is a great lighting technology which not only offers great lighting but also helps us save a lot of energy and money on bills. The are numerous benefits of switching to LED lights.

LED Lights Are Energy Efficient-

LED lights are an excellent option to save electricity. An LED light consumes less energy as compared to traditional light bulbs and CFLs. The power consumption of LED light is 30% to 50% less than the traditional lights. It reduces monthly electricity bills. These days, due to technological advancements and cheap manufacturing cost, LEDs have become cheaper and there is no big cost difference left between a CFL bulb and a LED bulb. So switching to the  LED bulb is a good option in long run.

LED lights Are Environment-Friendly

Traditional bulbs and CFL bulbs discharge harmful gases and UV light which can be harmful to your health as well as for the environment. The gases emitted by traditional bulbs and CFL lights can cause eye strain and it can be dangerous for your eyes as well.  On the other hands, LED light does not emit such types of harmful gases. So it is better to switch to LED lights if you care for Mother Nature

Longer life span

Traditional light bulbs and CFL has a short life and can only be used at most for 2-3 years. But an LED light can last up to 7 to 10 years. Changing bulb frequently can be costly but on the other hands, utilizing a LED bulb will eliminate unnecessary expenditure on the frequent replacement of bulbs.


These days LED light availability is no longer an issue. You can easily buy an LED light from your local electronic store. You can also buy an LED bulb from a major e-commerce store. These types of online e-commerce store offer great variety of bulbs at great discounts on LED bulbs.

Better light

Have you ever experienced lethargy? This might be due to lights in your room. Believe it or not, lights do have psychological and physical effects on human body. The most common is Seasonal Affective Disorder and Sick Building Syndrome. These are the few negative effects on human body caused by poor lights. Switching to LED can prevent such types of issues.

Easy Installation

You can easily install an LED bulb on your existing lighting fixture. You don’t need to separately install new wiring and holder to install a LED bulb at home.

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