What is the best type of Television to buy?

Necessary things to consider before you buy a Television for your Home or Office

We know Television as a main source of Entertainment. From news channels, movies, daily soaps, music to Teleshopping, we all resort to our TV at home; having a TV at home has become more of a necessity.

Buying a Television is not an easy job. You simply can’t go to any shop and purchase it; be well informed before buying it. Since it is a big investment, you need to have knowledge about the size of the TV, TV type, budget, brand, maintenance cost etc., and these should be as per the requirements of the house. With a huge range of Television Brands & Categories, it becomes a complex process to decide which one to choose.

We have made it easier for you. These specifications will help you to take a wise decision, whenever you plan to buy a TV for your Home or Office.

  1. Types of Televisions in the market?

The display type primarily determines what source will be illuminating the display panel. Available choices in this category are LEDs, OLEDs, Plasmas and LCDs.

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a. CRT  – CRT televisions which had their golden time in 90s and early 2000, have long disappeared from most store shelves with the emergence of new technology like plasma, LCD and LED TVs

b. Plasma – Has a very wide viewing angle. This means a lot of people can be seated around the unit during a session. Also, plasmas have an excellent color quality with exceptionally deep blacks. The only setback is, they are not very bright and may suffer if the room has bright ambient lights

c. LCD/LED – LCDs are energy efficient and not very heavy on the pockets but have limited viewing angles. LEDs are a little more energy efficient than LCDs but are also very expensive

d. OLED – They use colored LEDS for creating images. This results in brighter and more vivid colors, making overall image crisp. Currently, Samsung has one of the best AMOLED(active matrix OLED) displays with bright and vivid colors

   2.  What screen size would be the best?

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The term Resolution refers to the detail an image holds. It is expressed as the product of the number of horizontal pixels and the number of vertical pixels ex: 720 x 480. A resolution of 1280 x 720 is considered to be High Definition or HD. Subsequent variants of this are 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) , 2560 x 1440 (quad HD) and 3840 x 2160(UHD or 4k). Currently 4k TVs are the most expensive with brands like LG, Sony and Samsung, dominate this market niche. An economically viable yet enjoyable resolution would be an FHD with many manufacturers like Micromax producing excellent TVs.

    3. What is your Budget?

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A fairly priced budget(20k – 40k) TV would have said a standard LED panel with an FHD resolution, and at the same price you could also seek a 40” LCD, in case your reference is screen size in a nominal budget. High end offerings(60k+) could include 4k resolutions with OLED or AMOLED panels. If you are looking to get a value for money TV viewing with competitively priced TVs(40k – 60k) that have quad HD resolutions and an LED panel.

   4. How many HDMI ports and USB sockets should be there?

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Another important aspect to be considered before purchasing the television is the number and type of ports it contains. For example – a TV without HDMI ports, LAN port, VGA port would be essentially a brick for you, if you intend to connect it to an HD box.

   5. What is the use of Contrast in TV?

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Simply put, contrast ratio is the difference between the darkest black and the whitest white the TV can produce. Contrast ratios are generally specified like 2000:1 or 5000:1. Greater the ratio, better the image quality.

   6. What is Color Depth?


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Color depth refers to the number of bits used to indicate the color of a single pixel. It’s usually measured in bpp(bits per pixel).  Higher the bpp, the better will be the similarity of the screen color to the color in real life. Thus, creating “Life like an Image”. The Sony Bravia line of TVs has nice color depth with the rich blacks and shiny whites.

Hope, these tips in future will help you in making an informed choice and buying the product of your dreams.


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