A Brief History of Water Purification And Why You Should Drink Clean Water

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The history of water purification and how water shaped many civilizations is an amazing journey. You will be amazed to know that water had played a vital role in constructing a culture and religion in many parts of the world. It has a social, commercial, economic, and religious impact in our lives. For many decades water has been the source of power, prosperity, and symbols of mankind.  Thus, water is considered as the supreme source of life.

The history of water purification goes back to medieval age. The records indicate Sanskrit sculpture and writing about boiling water for drinking purpose. Another method used by ancient Indian is crude water by sand and charcoal.  This method was dated to the 3rd or 4th century CE. The importance of clean drinking water was understood by an early human before modernization took place. Clean water is correlated with health and well-being of the human body.

In 400 B.C., Hippocrates invented a device call the Hippocrates Sleeve, a cloth bag which could be helpful in filtering rainwater by removing the hoarseness and acrid smell from the water. People in ancient time were well aware of the importance of clean water and the benefits of clean water for the human body. That’s why the pursuit of clean and safe water started a long time ago.

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Methods of water filtration

If we stumble upon the advancement in water purification technology, we can see that  select ancient method are still in use for purifying water. But the modern purification technology has made it very convenient to get purified water in your home easily. Here are the few techniques being used to purify drinking water:

1. Adding chlorine For Water Purification

Chlorine in water purification
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If you have ever come across drinking water for the municipal tap for water supply water at you then you can understand what we are talking about. Adding chlorine in the water to kill germs from water is one of the oldest methods of cleaning and purifying the water. Chlorine released hydrochloric oxide which assists in killing the germs from the water. But chlorine has negative effects on health. It can cause stomach problems and chlorine can make your hair brittle One another negative aspect of chlorine is that it is inefficient at killing a germ called protozoa.

Active Carbon For Water Purification

This type of filtration technique facilitates in filtering soluble gases including chlorine, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, ammonia, dead alges and other harmful components from the water  Active carbon works on the principle of absorption. Active carbon helps in absorbing harmful components such as pesticide and other chemicals from the impure water. The active carbon filter was widely used in the household filtration system. The simple yet traditional clay water filters have active lining of activated carbons. But due to its ineffectiveness, you wouldn’t see these types of filter in the house these days.

Biosand Filtration For Water Purification 

Biosand filteration history

A biosand filter is an effective method of filtering pathogens, harmful chemicals, metals and other harmful items from the infected water. A biosand filter is a tank made of either plastic or concrete. The layer of a biosand is cover with multiple layers of sands with biofilm. When the water is poured top of the filter and all the impurity and harmful elements out of the water. The best part of a biosand filter is it is helpful in filtering micro metal chunks, turbidity and other harmful particles from the water. Unlink other traditional water purification system, a biosand is considered much more robust at to terminating harmful component, resulting in purified and safe water.

Reverse Osmosis For Water Purification 

Reverse osmosis for water filteration
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We are all familiar with RO and we all probably own one at at home. An RO is a widely-used technology for water purification for commercial and residential purpose. In a reverse osmosis water purifier, water is passed through a multistage filtration process to produce clean and safe drinking water. The water is passed through a hollow polymer sponge-like pipe. Impure water is pumped through another pipe. The filtered water is stored in a storage tank. You get the filtered water via tap which is fixed on a storage unit. The taste of water is improved after RO filteration, which can’t be achieved via traditional purification technology. Yet, the water filtered through RO still isn’t 100% clean and safe.

What Happens When You Drink Filtered And Clean Water?

Clean and filtered water has a multitude of positive effects on our body. Most of the serious diseases in human body happen due to drinking dirty and unfiltered water. Water is an important fuel which accelerates tissue and cell growth in our body. A human body consists of 67% water. Water also assists the blood to flow in our veins. Your spinal cord has water-based jelly which acts as a cushion. Water also helps the body to maintain overall temperature of the body by releasing water from skin, a process known as sweating. The biggest impact of pure drinking water is on the digestion system. If you have been drinking infected and contaminated water, then you might experience stomach infection, digestion problem and other stomach related issues.

When you drink purified water, your digestion capacity improves. Your immune system gets stronger and your skin glows. Drinking water, especially filtered water, helps you to discard impurities from your blood as sweat.

Every year, millions of people all around the world die and suffer from serious diseases due to drinking impure and unfiltered water. This is why drinking filtered water is essential for overall growth of human body.

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