Definitive Guide To Buy Track Lights In India. How to Choose The right Track Light For Your Home

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We are always in pursuit to improve our home décor by making constant changes in home design. The better furniture, best home appliances and well-designed space to make our life easier and happier. Talking about home décor, we emphasis on wall color, space in the room, furniture management and even what type of light we want to use in our living room, kitchen as well as in the bathroom. Nowadays home owners pay attention to every detail of the home to make it beautiful and luxurious. Talking about the light in our house, we install different types of light, bulbs and devices to illuminate the ambiance. The new trend track light, taking over the lighting trend by storm. We thought it will be a good idea to discuss more about the topic and how you can choose the right track light for your home (if you are willing to get one).

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When we talk about track light in India, people who are familiar with it likely to assume that it is used in offices only. But that is not the case at all. Modern consumer in India hasn’t restricted themselves from trying new things. At Tapp Me we receive numerous call about installation of track lights at home. Yes, that’s true. But, before this idea arouse you and you found yourself in a situation where you are confused about what are the things you need to know before buying and installing a track light at your home, then this blog is for you.  We have previously covered the definition and use of track light at your home .

Track light come is different variations. It is necessary to understand your requirements before you buy a futile product for youself. Here are the key points you should always keep in mind before you buy or install a track light at your home or your office

Space- Where you want to install it

It is very important to determine the space, where you want to install the track light. Usually, track lights are installed in living room, but people also like to install it in kitchen and dining room as well. It is totally up to you which are of your house you want to illuminate. The space also determine which type of track light can be installed and which type of track light should be installed.

Types-  What suits you best

Currently, there are different types of track light is available in the market. You can either choose linear or you can choose step head. There are mainly 6 different types of track light available in the market. You might face some difficulties to find the best type for you in India.  That’s why it is advisable to consults with an experienced electrician before choosing a type for your home. Since track light is relatively new in India, only   technician with hand-on experience can give you the right advise

Voltage and power consumption-

There are already necessary bulbs and light are installed in your home. Adding some extra lights can put extra load not only on overall home voltage but on your pocket too. Track light could be between 10 v to 120 volts. It will be a smart move If you choose the right size of bulbs and track lights for your requirements.


Track light is mounted on ceiling and fixture and position effects the ability of illumination. Track light installation affects the ability of create a vibe and contrast in the room. The purpose of track light is not to light in the room but to create a vibe and ambient which stimulate mood and desire. Fixture, not only helpful with illumination but it can be helpful with using the right space. You can have 3 different kinds of setup, H, J and LT.  

Halo-Juno and -lightoiler track light fixture

Nowadays in India, you can buy different types of track light easily because of the availability via popular ecommerce platform. It is always a good idea to understand the need and purpose, before you make a purchase decision. Why it is important? Because it not only saves the money but will help you to identify you need. Make sure you research enough before you buy a track light in India.

Don’t forget to call Tapp Me expert electrician for a free consultation on track light installation at your home or office.  



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