Career Goals! Startup VS MNCs

Career Goals! Startup VS MNCs

If you are a fresher, you must be swinging on the cusp between start-up growth and MNC recognition, banging your head thinking which one to approach! You are not alone in this drive of thoughts, so many young aspirants follow the same suit. It is the right time to think qualitatively, as to what are your demands, and in what respects you want to grow. MNCs and Startups differ hugely in what they expect from you and what they have for you.

  • A Friend Guiding or an Authoritative Boss
    In start ups, the co-founders and higher authorities are more friendly and calm, other than what you will find in big established MNCs, the dominating bosses.  

  • Versatility vs Monochrome
    In start ups, you are loaded with bulk of work doing everything by own, you search for a lot of things in the process, acquire plenty of knowledge and hone your skills in multiple spheres, unlike in MNCs where you sharpen your skills in just one set direction.
    Startups Vs MNC
  • What tempts you more: ESops or Better Perks!
    Are you a person who envisions long term benefits, or do you prefer in time luxuries? MNCs give immense incentives like medical claims, conveyance which will do away with every tension in your head but Startups can make you a king over a night. Some years of faith and hard work in a startup, can earn you a Lamborghini.  Startups Vs MNC
  • Whether you are one of those flaunting dresses?
    If you want to wear those beautiful dresses, hanging in your wardrobe, we are really sorry to tell you that MNCs won’t allow you to do so, you have to follow the formal wearing code.
    Startups Vs MNCs
  • If you demand fixed timing or do you walk in anytime like a nerd
    If you are a person with a flexible attitude, start ups can be your saviour. But if you go by a fixed routine of things, MNCs are a good call.
    Startups-Tapp Me
  • Huge exponential growth or Better Pay Scale. Eh. What’s your say?
    “Just 4 years ago he was my classmate, and now he is a reputed CEO.” Don’t these lines sound familiar? Yeah, they do. Start Ups offer an excellent scope of huge exponential growth, with a risk of uncertainty and low salaries in initial stages. MNCs offer you all the incentives and higher pay scales but a gradual growth.
    Startups Vs Mnc

Where working in an MNC gives you a brand name and recognition, startups provide with the right dose of growing opportunities. All you need is just to introspect a bit, and come up with your idea of ideal Setting, you are looking to work in.



  1. Really nice article however the Lamborghini line would have not been there and also about the amount of passion and dedication it needs to get all that overnight success 🙂


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