How To Choose Lights For Your Home



Light is an important element of your home. A proper lighting system at home or office not only helps you to see and find things, but it has a psychological effect on your brain, which improves productivity at work. Believe it or not, it has been proven clinically that good light in your house and workplace not only impact your moods and feelings, but it helps you to add more productivity to your work. Having said that, we pay less attention on lighting in our home.  That’s why we are going to discuss how lighting can improve your life and help you to enjoy activity, work and relaxation in your home and office.

Talking about home, it is the place where you spend most of your time after your office. Since office lights are not in your control, you can modify your home lighting for productivity and effectiveness.  In a house, there are different types of rooms for different purposes, and every room of a house need different types of lighting.

Lights For The Living Room

The living room is the one of the places where you spend some quality time with your family and friends. It is also the place where you entertain yourself with different types of electronic gadgets such as TV, home theater, or music system. Living room require different types of lighting setup for different activity. Sometime families have their dinner setup in the living room, so you must think smartly about your lighting setup there. For instance, watching a movie or show on the TV in a living room require low lights. But eating your favorite meal with family members on dining table require bright lights. Not only does it help you to enjoy the texture and color of the food, but it also influences your appetite. Since the living room is used widely for different purposes, you need to be smart with lighting. Such as illuminating corners and ceiling using track lights.

Lights Dining room-

Dining rooms are the place where a family spends quality time together. Sitting on the dining table and enjoying a good meal reminds us of the best time of our day. But inappropriate lighting in dining room can spoil your mood. It is necessary to have bright lights in your dining room, so that the food texture and color can be enhanced. Brilliant food tastes better when it is visually stunning. Dimmed or low light can affect your mood and appetite. You can use low lights in your dining room if you want to enjoy a candle light dinner at your home. The choice is always yours. If you want to be little creative, then you can have either track lights or chandelier right on the top of your dining table. These types of lighting system have the versatility of changing different light level.

Lights For Bedroom-

The Bedroom is your personal space where you spend most of your time at home. If you think that the bed room is only used for sleeping purposes, then you are wrong. The bedroom is also used for entertainment and reading purposes too. Some people have TVs installed in their bedrooms. You can use different types of light to illuminate different corners of your bedroom. You can use a bright light for reading purpose and you can use dim light for watching TV in your bedroom. Always make sure you have enough sunlight reaching your bedroom. Natural light are not only the easiest way to light up the dark corners, but it is good for health as well.

Lights For Kitchen –

The kitchen is a place where the women of the family spends most of her time. Cooking a meal require uninterrupted concentration. You need a proper and versatile setup to make things happen in your kitchen. You need a focused lighting for the preparation of food. Ceiling lights or down lights are ideal for the kitchen. If you have a dining area built-in the kitchen then you can experiment with lighting. You can have bright light while the preparation of your food and low and soothing light at the time of eating the food.

For stove and counter tops, you need glare free lighting. Bright lights are necessary while working with knives and other sharp kitchen tools.

Lights for a Home Office-

These days people prefer to work from home. Proper lighting can help you with work as it can increase your productivity. For a distraction free work environment, bright lights are ideal. But is also recommended having natural light come in through your home office windows. You can have desk lamp for working on a document or on your laptop. Avoid glare and reflection so there are no distractions during work.

Lights For Children room-

The lights in your children’s room should be carefully chosen. You need to choose security and safety over fun. It is recommended to use bright lights in children room. But don’t use too bright a light, it can strain the eyes of your children. You can experiment with the colors and contrast of the lights. Since the children room goes through major changes as they grow up, you need to be smart with installation of the light so it can be changed easily. Safety and security is a big concern for parents. Try to install the light on a ceiling where it is inaccessible from kids. Night lights are also important for kid’s room. You can pick a light which can be dimmed at night. You can use LED bulbs in children room. These types of light are good for eyes and don’t emit any gas.

Lights For Bathroom-

The first thing that comes to mind when you wake up in the morning is a visit to the bathroom. Your day start with spending some time there. That is why the lights in your bathroom should be carefully chosen.  The atmosphere in the bathroom should be relaxing and it should make you feel fresh and energetic every morning. You can use light between 300 lux. Make sure the placements of light is carefully done to prevent any electric shocks in bathrooms. Water drops reaching the light bulbs can cause serious trouble. You should have bright light above the mirror area. You can use bulbs between 500 lux to 700 lux.

Smartly chosen lights not only help in decorating and enhancing the look of your home, but it also helps you in saving on your electricity bill. We all aware that light bumbs comes in different powers which consumes high and low voltage to illuminate the space. Low voltage lights are not only good for your kid’s eyes, but it also consumes less energy as compared to high voltage light. In our next blog we will be discussing track lights and how it can enhance décor of your home. In our next blog we will be discussing about track lights

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