6 Office Cleaning Hacks for all Employees


Tricks for a Clean and Spotless Office

We have already discussed how to brighten up your office and make it a happy place, but on a daily basis one can’t afford to rely on new items in office.. How about getting acquainted with some easy tricks to keep your cubical clean.

Tapp Me has lined up 10 easy hacks for office cleaning which you can run parallel with your scheduled work.

1. Baby wet wipes are no more just for babies

They are an armor to clean up debris or dirt from your desk, mouse, keyboard, phone stand etc.;keep a pack handy for immediate spill-over rescue and notice the difference on your desk when cleaning spill-overs. And they come cheap and are easily available also.


2. Microwave oven in the office is the filthiest appliance

Spilled gravy, sauce or any other food item are commonly found issues. If a spill happens, don’t wait for the liquid to get settled, take a bowl of water and keep it in the microwave for about 3 minutes. The vapor will loosen the dried food, easier to wipe it off.

3. Struggling to clean spaces between keyboard keys?

Clean a dirty keyboard by sliding strip of clear tape to get between the key. The dust and dirt will stick to the clear tape and come right off the keyboard. Repeat the step 2 to 3 times for perfect results and increase the longevity of your laptop with this trick.

4. Never wipe off monitors, laptop screens or TV screens with wet wipes

It could damage the protective coating as the wipes contain drops of alcohol. Use a proper gadget cleaner with a soft towel or newspaper. Use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the surface and to avoid static shock. Your screen will shine like new after implementing this trick.

5. Mistakenly used permanent marker on a white board?

Don’t worry, use a dry eraser marker to remove it. Move the eraser marker on the permanent marker, using a soft cloth wipe it off. Follow this trick up with a wet cleaning cloth to remove all traces of the marker from your board.


6. Use vinegar to keep your pair of scissors

This will keep your scissors free from all the gluey residue that can build up. It will also help in keeping it rust-free. You can try it on other metal objects as well. Keep a bottle of vinegar hand not just in the kitchen, but also the office.


With these hacks, let the freshness and well-being enter to your workplace, leading to enhanced productivity. But for complete sanitation and cleaning, don’t forget to have deep cleaning sessions in your office from a professional service provider or janitorial staff.




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