How Cold Temperature Affects your Home Appliances and How to Prevent it.

cold temperature on home appliances

Winters are here and it is affecting your ability to perform daily activities. We are all affected by this extreme, bone-chilling weather and we can’t deny the fact that it slows us down.  Like us, our home appliance at home act unresponsive and behave unusually. The truth is, the extreme cold temperature does have effects on home appliances.

Refrigerators behave abnormally during the winter. Similarly, it is annoying when we turn on the TV and the picture is gloomy. You might see some ice frozen in your washing machine dryer or washer and you wonder, “how that can be possible?”. These types of problems occur due to chilly weather and there are a few tips to prevent them.


cold temperature effects on fridge

If your fridge is inaccessible to sunlight or located in the darkest corner of the kitchen. you might encounter some technical problems with your fridge. During winter seasons, the common problems people face with their refrigerator is over cooling, broken wires, and damage of internal motors or electric sockets. These types of issues seldom occur or are noticed by a consumer. The outer layer of a wire consists of rubber, plastic and other materials. In winter season, rubbers gets harder and it breaks off. This causes sparks and dysfunctional behaviour in the refrigerator.

The best way to prevent such types of situation is to keep the refrigerator in a place where sunlight can reach. In winter, there is a danger of breaking off the rubber seal between the door and refrigerator. The rubble seal becomes inflexible due to extreme cold temperature and often times come off from the door. It is recommended to check the door seal frequently in winter season. Damaged door seal can decrease or increase the level of temperature by allowing air to enter in the fridge. It is always advisable to check to door seal during the winters as well.

Washing machine

washing machine cold temperature

We are likely to use washing machine more during the winters for laundry. In India, many people wash their clothes by hands. But in winters, no one want to touch the chilly water to do their laundry. Washing machine is also used during the winter season for drying wet clothes.

Lack of sunlight in winter makes people use the washing machine frequently to do their laundry. Cold temperature can break the water valve in your washing machine, causing water leakage in the washing machine. You should always check if the valve is damaged. Don’t leave any water in the dryer during winter season. If there is any water left in the dryer or washer, make sure you wipe it off with a piece of dry towel. Running a hot water spin can be helpful to maintain overall temperature in washing machine. If you still face other problems, then it is recommended that you call an expert electrician to fix the issues.


cold temperature effect on tv

We all love watching TV during the winters. Sitting on your favorite sofa and holding a cup of hot coffee/tea does increase the pleasure of watching TV. But your plan can turn into a nightmare when you realize that the picture quality is not good or clear. Of course, you will call your DTH operator and find faults in their service. The problem isn’t with the DTH service but with your TV itself. If you are using an LCD or LED TV, then you are likely the victim. Both LCD and LED TV screen have liquid crystal cell in display panel.

Extreme cold freezes the liquid and can cause ghost images and trails. You might experience unresponsiveness while turning on the TV. Sometimes you might have to turn the TV on and off to start it properly. Like other home appliances, the internal and external wiring can be damaged due to wintry weather. It can cause electric spark inside the TV or the other part of TV can be damaged due to electric sparks. It is always advisable to call an expert electrician if you face such type of issues.

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