Choosing Color Patterns For Home And Office To Enhance Productivity and Happiness

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Choosing a color pattern for home or office is a subjective matter. The number of options available to you can baffle you. There are a multitude of colors pattern available to choose from. But often times you pick a wrong color pattern which not only diminishes the exterior but also puts you at a risk of great psychological trauma. A color is correlated with human psychology and emotions. It can help you to elevate productivity, creativity, and effectiveness in your life and work.

Other hands, it can also decrease and demystify your productivity and creativeness. A handful of researches has been conducted to understand the impact of colors on the human brain and the results state that colors have a significant impact on our mood and and it can cause positive and negative stimulation. However, we are not going to ponder over these effects. We will be discussing how you can choose a right color pattern for your home and office to increase your productivity and happiness.

As discussed, colors can affect your mood and ability to stimulate creativity and emotions.  You can ask yourself, “what is my favourite colour?”. I believe, everyone has different answers. But what comes to your mind when we say ‘black’?  Black could be correlated to death, darkness and fear to some people. This is an illustration of human psychology and how they tend to associate a specific color to certain emotions.The profound effects of colour on our brain tend to linger throughout our day. A recent study by the University of Texas stated that, “bland gray, beige and white office induce feelings of sadness and desperation, especially in the women”. Similarly, Fortune Magazine posted  “Men, on the other side, had similar dismal feelings towards the coloujrs purple and orange”. This has been proven by many researchers via successful research that colors affect our mood and creativity.

So How To Choose The Right Color pattern For Home?

Your home is a place where you spend most of your time. You sleep at home. You exercise. You spend some comfortable time with loved ones as well! That is why choosing the right color pattern for your home interior and exterior is paramount. However, every corner of each room requires a different type of color combination. If your residence is small and the rooms are compact, then consider applying light colors on the wall. You can use green color on the wall as it gives you less eye strain and a feeling of peace and serenity. That is why the idea of a green room exists! You can also use white as it gives you a sense of purity, cleanliness, and innocence. White as a color can be used in many sections of your home including the living room & dining room. But avoid using white on hallway or stairway.

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You can experiment with different types of colors if you are planning to paint your living room.  You can use light purple in the living room. It will give you a sense of luxury and royalty to you and your guests. Color hue is one of the factors which determines the effectiveness of colors. Don’t choose a very vivid or gloomy colour for your exterior or interior hastily.

One of the essential points to remember while choosing a color for your interior wall is what items you are going to keep in your rooms. We tend to keep many painting, pieces of furniture, souvenirs in the room for the enhancement of overall decor of the room as well as the house. Even the color of switch and switchboards makes a difference. You can use dark color carefully in some specific areas including kitchen and bathrooms.

Color Pattern For Office

An office is a place where things are done. No matter what type of job you perform, you are given a space where you sit and utilize your imagination and creativity to create the next billion-dollar startup or you solve complex business problems. Such type of intense activities require precision, concentration, and creative imagination. Some colors in your office can affect your mood in a positive or negative manner. As discussed earlier, bland gray and white in the office can bring sadness, especially in women. Apparently, the same thing happens with purple and orange color in the office. Colors in the office should be inspiring and positively persuasive. If not selected carefully, a color can affect the performance of an employee. If you want cheerful and happy employees, then consider yellow for interior walls. 

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Red color signifies energy and activity. But you need to be careful with the colour. Don’t utilize red in the workplace. You can use it in the hallway, a separate room for rest or even in the cafeteria. Constant exposure to the colour red can cause irritation and anxiety. 

There is no rule-book for painting your home and office walls with a particular colour combination. Sometimes, the most recommended colour pattern can turn out to be a nightmare for you. The best advice is to remember when choosing a colour for your wall is to test it out with few colors and then proceed. These days there are a variety of apps available to test your idea virtually before you proceed. Or why not just get an expert to do this for you?

Always hire expert painters for the job who have a good understanding of colours. You can easily find an experienced painter on TappMe.

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