Which Colour is Ideal for your Office Walls?


Never paint your office walls white. Go for these colors Instead!

Choosing the ideal paint color for your office walls can be just as important as selecting the right employees. Not just the office environment, it works as a stimulus to personnel’s productivity too. With reference to a research(1), visual elements which include colors in an office building can affect employee’s conduct, levels of productivity and attitudes at the work place. The ambiance in an office is certainly one of the most crucial factors in inducing an employee’s efficiency.

The effect of colors is so strong that they could even alter the mood of the employees, from relaxed to anxious or vice-versa. After all, the primary strategy in developing employee’s determination is creating a good atmosphere.Office Setup Tapp Me

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The idea of using color themes in the office space is gaining popularity day-by-day, not just bigger companies but also for smaller organization. These days, large corporations extensively use bright colors as a way of combating stress in the workplace and building a more comfortable environment. A great strategy for increasing employee productivity over time.

The rationale behind using well-colored premises is to impact the psychology of staff and bring out maximum productivity.  We, at Tapp Me, have got a few important color shades which can have proportionate positive impact in enhancing the productive capacity in your office:

Red: to keep your work thorough and error-freeRed Office setup Tapp Me

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A powerful color, red stimulates the pulse and can raise blood pressure. Painting walls with red can help employees who pursue profiles like deep-dive analytics, strategics and technology enhancement.

Blue: to keep the the creativity flowingPainting Office Blue Tapp Me

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Blue symbolizes calmness, be it the sea or sky. It not only promotes communication, trust, and efficiency, but also helps people with creativity by opening the mind to new ideas. In the workplace, blue would be a good color in a room that is used for brainstorming.

Yellow: a big NO for conference roomsDull Office Colour Tapp Me

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Yellow symbolizes optimism and stimulation. For places like Conference rooms, board rooms etc., don’t prefer yellow colour because it can lead to losing temper where you require most of your wisdom, patience and presence of mind.

Green: gives way to InnovationsPeaceful Office Setup Tapp Me

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Green is a calming color symbolizing harmony and balance. It also enhances artistic thought-process and performance. Green would be a good choice in an office where innovation is a key element. For ex- product team, software department, policy making etc.

Grey: avoid it to keep your morale high

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While grey is psychologically neutral, the color also lacks energy. Unlike other colors, it infuses suppression and switch your mind to snooze during work. Using grey colour in large amount can induce lack of confidence, even depression often. This color can be blended in small amounts with bright colors to give a royal look, such as orange, yellow, red, mauve etc.

  1. Research by the University of Hawaii at Hilo


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