The most commonly mispronounced words in English!


We want to walk in ‘English’; We want to stalk ‘The English’

But, Can we talk in English?

This World Literacy Day, we have assorted a list of mispronounced words, used by a huge number of people. The number is so high that you want to give a second thought before saying something.

  • Plumber

Pronunciation: Its correct pronunciation is plume(r) with ‘B’ silent.

So, next time when you call Tapp Me Plumber, call Tapp Me Plumer!


  • Dengue

Pronunciation:  This disease is pronounced as Den-gee (pronunciation of ‘gee’ as in cheese).

You should not pronounce it as Den-goo.



  • Espresso

Any coffee lover worth their beans has had this argument! Technically, the pronunciation with ‘s’ is correct.  However, the pronunciation (and spelling) expresso, with an ‘x’ instead of an ‘s’, has grown greatly in popularity, probably due to the influence of ‘express’.


  • February

Pronunciation : Just about everyone I know drops the first r in February!

The spelling calls for FEB-ROO-AR-Y, not feb-u-ar-y.


  • Bowl

Pronunciation:  It is pronounced as bo-hl (pronunciation of o as in roll).

Not as ba-ool which is wrong.


  • Etcetera

Pronunciation: This Latin term is often mispronounced and its abbreviation is frequently misspelled.

It is pronounced as  ET CET-ER-A,  not ex cet-er-a.


  • Often

Pronunciation: Often is very often mispronounced!

The trick is to simply keep ‘t’ silent while pronouncing the word!  (of-en)


  • Epitome

Pronunciation:  It is generally pronounced as ep-i-tome (as in foam) But the correct pronunciation is ep-i-tummy.



Pronunciation:  This dry fruit is pronounced as Ah-mund, (pronunciation of u as in sun). L is silent. You should not pronounce it as Aal-mund.


  • Niche

Pronunciation:  Nee-sh, Should end with a soft “sh” and should not be pronounced as “nitch”)

Also, In US English, it can be pronounced as Nee-sh (pronunciation of Nee as in tree). But according to British English, it is pronounced as Nitch (as in switch)


  • Genre

Pronunciation: The correct pronunciation is Zhon-ruh, (Zh is a sound as in vision, and ruh as in umbrella). It is often mispronounced as Jen-ner.


  • Coupon

Pronunciation:  The correct pronunciation is Koo-pon (pon as in pawn). It is often mispronounced as koo-pun (pronunciation of u as in sun).


We anticipate, next time when you eat almonds out of a bowl with a cup of Espresso in the month of February; you pronounce it correctly!






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