How to Design a Luxury Home on a Minimum Budget?


Designing the Perfect Budet Luxury Home

A luxurious and beautiful looking house is everyone’s dream. But todays’ budget seems to shatter this dream! Tapp Me is here to help you execute your interior design projects for your home!

Everyone wishes for a house with fancy interiors, royal marble flooring and modular kitchen. For maximum of house owners, budget becomes a major constraint when it comes to renovating the old house or designing a new one.  Would there be any solution to this ever? The answer to this question might be subjective, but definitely there are tricks and tips which can make you decorate your house in a better way, within the same budget. This will also enhance your knowledge of the interior-market.

Tapp Me brings to you some tips on designing your dream home:

  1. Get a budget-friendly modular kitchen with laminate flooring!Budget Friendly Modular Kitchen Tapp Me

Prefer laminate flooring over wooden flooring for your modular kitchen. There is no difference in look and feel of the both. You can enjoy the looks of wooden flooring at the price of laminate flooring. In the market, you can get laminate flooring starting @ INR 95/sq.ft. contrast to wooden flooring starting@ INR 255/sq.ft.

  1. Give wooden look to your TV Panel with MDF Board!

Wooden panels always enhance the looks of an LCD TV Panel or any other cutouts at home. Not to forget, they are heavy on pockets. With technology upgradation, you now have MDF Board as an alternative, to be used for designing Panels and Cupboards. You can get MDF Board paneling starting @ INR 6.6/sq.ft.

  1. Choose bigger tiles for Living room!Reduce Furniture Cost with Tapp Me

Living room is one area which exhibits how spacious your house is. Prefer bigger size tiles for the living room. It will not only showcase more space, also reduce in labour and furnishing cost.

  1. Handmade furniture over Ready Made furnitureHandmade Furniture Tapp Me

People these days prefer ready-made furniture over handmade furniture due to:

  • Ready-made furniture comes with more fancy designs
  • Easy availability
  • Less Time consuming
  • No extra tension of labour arrangement and cost

Although, these factors should be kept in mind but we often forget that the quality, durability and cost-effectiveness you can get with Handmade furniture, can’t be expected from ready-made furniture. Generally, the life expectancy of a ready-made furniture is 5-10 years, compared to hand-made ones which lasts for more than 20 years.

It is a One-time effort, and worth taking! You not only save a lot of money on making charges, also it will last long for years.

Tapp Me (a Gurugram based startup) is providing in-house professionally trained, background checked technicians on a tap. Backed with robust technology, real-time tracking via app & dashboard, 24*7 customer support, this organization is upgrading the picture of repair, maintenance and renovation Industry. With over 350 technicians working on a profit-sharing basis and special team for big projects, Tapp Me ensures quality, timelines, cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction.


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