What’s the difference between a safety switch and a circuit breaker?

difference between safety switch and circuit breaker

Electricity is an extremely powerful force which can not only damage an electric appliance, but also put your life in great danger. Electricity fluctuation is a  common problem and protecting your expensive home appliances and yourself from an accident caused by electricity is always a priority. That’s where safety switch and circuit barkers come in. However, both appear similar and the function might look similar as well, but the purpose of use remains different. As per the law, every house should have a safety switch and circuit breaker installed in their homes. These simple yet effective tools help us in many ways. But today we will discuss the differences between a safety switch and a circuit breaker.

What is a safety switch?

safety switch

The main function of a safety switch is to protect yourself from electric shock. When the current run through electric wires,due to sudden electric fluctuation, you can get electric shocks. So when the switch notices a power surge running in the wires it activates and cut the power supply within 0.03th of a second.This switch is installed on your switchboard and it is present in every room switchboard.

What is Circuit breaker?  

circuit breaker

A circuit breaker is a switch which helps in protecting your home appliances during power overloads and electricity fluctuations. But it does not save you from electric shocks. That is why both are important in your house. During the power overload or electricity fluctuation your home appliance may get damaged and even provide you with a nasty shock. Power fluctuation can also damage or burn internal wiring of your home and sometimes the results can be devastating. That is why it is important to install a circuit breaker on the main switchboard.

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