Why use only Distilled Water for Inverter Battery?


Reasons why using Distilled Water is important for Inverter Battery ?

In India, its summers, its hot & its the season of power cut-outs. The only solution for ensuring continuous power supply is having an inverter at home. And it can be said with no uncertainty that the Inverter battery is the powerhouse of your inverter.

Inverter batteries have internal plates that are covered with distilled water, which makes it function. During the time when the battery operates, water goes through the chemical process which breakes down into oxygen and hydrogen gases. These gases then gets evaporated from the battery with time. Eventually, the level of water drops. Because of this the internal plates run without water. So, to maintain the efficiency of the battery, it’s essential to top it up with distilled water.

Why not use normal water ?

Inverter Battery

The most common question you have in mind! But why not normal water? Water from well, tap and other resources usually have different mixed substances such as salts, impurities that can create a layer on the plates if you use it in the battery. This water can affect the normal electrochemical process that generates power in the battery and eventually effecting the battery’s lifespan. On the other hand, distilled drinking water has no dissolved impurities or any organic and inorganic compounds that can affect the battery’s life.

What if the water is of RO?

RO Water

There are several purification technologies, that are being used to make the water free from all sorts of contaminants and impurities. People often enquire if RO water could be used in the Inverter Battery. The answer to that would be you can use it, but you will have to check for water hardness, TDS level, and PH level before using it.

There are many service centers which recommend using RO water, but as a regular task in an already occupied routine, it is slightly difficult to flesh nitty-gritties therefore it’s best to use distilled water!

Many leading and experienced inverter battery manufacturers and experts recommended to use distilled water  for maintaining impeccable performance and longer battery life.

The maintenance of Inverter battery is not restricted to just filling water time to time, it has more to it; diligent usage, Regular Checkup, Professional Servicing etc. Check out Tapp Me’s How to maintain an Inverter Battery and keep your Inverters & their Batteries efficient for years.

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