Drug Abuse or Life Abuse? No-Drugs Day

Drug Abuse or Life Abuse? No-Drugs Day

By ninth grade, around half of Indian children have tried at least one type of Drug.       

      Three out of every four homes in India have someone suffering from drug addiction.”

Haven’t these got you goosebumps? Drugs have become the greatest evil of our time. Nobody is understanding the intensity of this alarming problem, which needs an immediate attention.
This No-Drugs Day, let’s plough through this bitter Chronicle and witness some bitter facts followed by repercussions & roots.

1. So many walking into the Dark
Currently in India, there are approximately: 62.5 million alcohol users, 2 million opiate users and 8.7  million cannabis users


2. This curiosity will kill you.
Common reasons given for drug use in India are curiosity, experimentation, being in the company of drug users and to experience the effects. By and large, the reasons are similar regardless of the  substance being used.


3. Peer-influence here too?
Common reasons cited for injecting drugs are ‘non availability of heroin (brown sugar)’, ‘injections are less expensive’, ‘better and quicker high’ and ‘peer-influence’.  

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4. Leading world, in opium production?
India is the world’s largest producer of licit opium and gum opium. Despite strict controls, some portion of this product is liable to deviation by unethical farmers adding to the availability of drugs in the market.


5. Substance-Use in prisons
Drug dependent individuals consists of around 8% of admissions in Tihar Jail, New Delhi, one of Asia’s largest jails. Prisons in India are generally 30% overfilled which may result into the spread of diseases, including HIV/AIDS.


6. Ruining childhood
13.1% of the people involved in drug and substance abuse in India, are below 20 years.  A study examining high-risk behaviours among street children in Bangalore claimed that 50% of street children who abused drugs also practised unsafe sex .Nearly Half the boys (46%) consumed alcohol.


7. The Aftermath
India is home to one of the largest HIV/AIDS epidemics in the world. Latest Surveillance data indicates a rise from 7.4% to 14.4% in HIV prevalence amongst injecting drug users in New Delhi


8. Woman becomes a victim
One of the major burdens the women faced was that of shame – blame for the drug use of the family member, blame for hiding this dark affair from others and blame for not getting timely treatment. Thus, the woman became the victim of not only the drug user but also the society at large.


9. Strengthening roots for Terrorism
Possible illicit uses of this drug money include: (a) the financing of terrorism; (b)own use by traffickers (c) the buying of political influence.


10. Let us join the battle
The Scheme for Prevention of Drunkenness and Means (Drugs) Abuse is being implemented through 350 NGO’s, for going 387 De-addiction Centers and 52 Counseling Centers over the Nation.


This malady endangers the country; let us join the battle once more, and provide the recent lease of living to the numerous addicts!


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