What is An Electric Switch And What Are The Common Types Of Switches Found In Indian Houses.

electric switch

An electrical switch is a great tool which is employed to control electricity flow within an electric device. Without a switch it is impossible to control the flow of electricity in an electronic machine. We all have different types of switches in our home for controlling different electrical devices. Few switches enable us to run a TV so that we can watch our favorite TV show without any interruption. On the other hands, we have big switches which help us to control overall electricity power in your home. No matter which device you use, it has a direct or indirect connection with a switch. But have you ever paid any attention on the importance of a switch?

Now I am pretty sure you never had this thought in your mind that you also need to be careful with an electric switch.

An electric switch matters a lot if you want you and your family members to be safe from electric shocks or any future incidents. Every country in the world has a regulated  standard for switch design and development. In India, BIS ( Bureau Of Indian Standards) has provided some safety and quality guideline for switch manufacturers. These standards ensure the safety of the consumer by providing safety guideline to switch manufacturers. There have been enormous deaths and accidents which occurred due to electrical switches in India.

So, What Is An Electric Switch ?

The comprehensive definition of an electric switch can be varied from different trades, but the purpose remains same. The primary job of an electric switch is to allow electric current to enter in an electronic machine so that it can operate. It also prevents electrical current to enter in an electronic machine so that it stops functioning. An electronic switch has gone through many changes over the years. In your home, you will notice many types of switches for different types of device. You have switches for controlling light bulbs, TVs and other home appliances which have the power capacity in 220 volts. Whereas, you have MCB (Miniature circuit board) which enables you to control overall power connection at home.

Types Of Electric Switch

There are different types of electric switches available in the current market. To make things easier for our readers, we have explained the 2 different types of electric switches in this article. These are common types of switches and you will find it every household.

1. Single Pole Electric Switch

A single pole switch is a common switch type which you will find in every house across India. It is a general-purpose switch which is used for controlling the light bulbs and fans in the house. You can notice two signs, on and off, on the switch. The on sign will be on the bottom of the handle and off sign will be at the top of the handle. A single pole switch has two brass terminals.

single pole switch
Image credit @ lowe’s

2. Double Pole Electric Switch

Unlike the single pole switch, a double pole switch has the same functionality. But you will rarely find a double pole switch in your house. A double pole switch is used for industrial purposes. A double pole switch has four terminals. If you want to control a heavy home appliance including water motors, microwave oven or any other home appliance over 220 volts, then consider going for a double pole switch.

double pole switch
image credit @ leviton

A switch is a big part of your safety. That is why it always a smart idea to learn a few things about a switch before you buy one for your home. Always look for the safety aspects of a switch over the design. Poorly-crafted switch can put you and your family life in trouble in many ways.  

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