Essential Tips for HVAC Maintenance [Tapp Me Home Tips]


From immediate, monthly, seasonal to annual tips, try these hacks and save on repair and maintenance costs. We, at Tapp Me, have got some useful and quick tips which can make your HVAC system work in the longer run.

Tips when buying an HVAC system

  1. While buying the air filter, prefer the one with high-efficiencyTapp Me Air Filter Repair

It is necessary to buy a high-efficiency air filter because filters/cleaners keep dirt, debris and air pathogens away from your house.

  1. Keep AC & Heating units free of leaves, pollen and grassPollen during AC Cleaning

Courtesy: Santiam Heating

Never leave your cooling and heating units in contact with leaves, grass and pollen. It can affect its durability

  1. Create a 2 feet space around your outdoor heating and cooling units

Keep an open parallel space of around 2 feet between heating and cooling units to allow proper air intake and ventilation.  To duck extreme heat inside the condenser and to ensure proper heat flow, spare 4 -6 feet of ground clearance above the unit.

Monthly and Seasonal tips:

  1. Keep a regular check on refrigerant linesRefrigerant line recheck

Courtesy: Internachi

While inspecting your air conditioning system, closely look out for the insulating condition around the copper tuber.  Damaged, eroded or missing insulation can cause ice form or condensation, leading to damage to your cooling unit.

  1. Get your air filters replaced after every 3 monthsHVAC Air filter cleaning tapp me

Courtesy: Infinitysolar

It is important to replace your HVAC’s air filters regularly to ensure longevity of your system. When we say longevity, it includes saving thousands of rupees on repair, replacement and maintenance costs.

  1. Turn off water humidifier during the summer seasonHumidifier maintenance tapp me

Courtesy: Carson Dunlop

During winters, using a water humidifier is preferred for maintaining the moisture level in the room. Whereas, in the summer season, the air is moist already, and using a humidifier during summers is unnecessary and be heavy on your pockets. As a result, it will also effect the cooling system of your air conditioner.

Annual HVAC maintenance Tips

  1. Replace your carbon monoxide detector battery

According to a market research, 400 deaths per year can be prevented if carbon monoxide battery could get replaced regularly, preventing CO poisoning.HVAC CO Battery replacement

Courtesy: Luxury Heating

  1. Clear AC condensate drain with a bleach/water mixture

Cleaning AC’s outdoor unit once a year using bleach and water mixture helps in extending its life; prefer doing it during Spring season.

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