Five most effective ways to kill odour from your home appliances


Have you experienced acrid odour coming from your dishwasher?

Does your washing machine smell and you don’t like washing your favorite clothes in your washing machine anymore? There are common odour problems with your home appliance and you always wonder why it is happening. These odour problems in your home appliances occur because it is not properly cleaned or there can be some major hardware problem which causes these types of issues.

Dishwasher odour

If your dishwasher is stinking up your dishes, then it is because of food stuck in the cylindrical, detachable filter sitting at the bottom of the tub. This a very common issue which cause a filthy odour to permeate.

To solve this issue, take out the filter from your dishwasher and soak it in warm and soapy water for 10 minutes before replacing it. Pour 1 cup of white vinegar on the surface of the empty washer and run a heavy clean cycle. Gently clean the corners and remote areas of the washer with an old toothbrush to make sure no food particles are left in the dishwasher.

      Washing machine odour (front load)

odour problems in washing machine

Do you always wonder why your washing machine smells more than your gym clothes even if you have a top-of-the-line machine? Acrid smell from washing machine not only gives a bad smell but it is also bad for your health. Because fetid washing machine is a breeding ground for mildew and coliform bacteria, e. coli bacteria, and many other microorganisms. It is necessary not only to get rid of the smell but also these harmful bacteria, which can make you very sick.

To get rid of the bad odour and make sure no harmful bacteria left behind in your washing machine, you can try these methods to make sure you are safe.

1 . Detergent Drawer

Take out the detergent drawer from your front load washing machine and wash it properly. Check the corner for mildews and for possible dust particles. You can use a bleach spay or detergent water to clean it. Dry the drawer properly and replace it in the washing machine.

2. Lint filters

Lint filter are the place where mildew and other harmful bacteria such as e. coli bacteria nutrients. We can’t leave these parts unattended. So, detach the lint from the filter and clean it properly.

3 .Rubber door seal.

Another important place to check is the rubber door (door gasket). Usually mildew develops between the door and rubber seal. Take a sponge or dry cloth to clean the area.

The best and effective way to kill bad odour from your washing machine is to run a vinegar wash once in a week. After washing the clothes in your washing machine, don’t let the water remain the washing machine. Leaving washing machine in a wet and humid corner at your home helps the mildew to grow.

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Refrigerator odour

odour problems in refrigerator

Refrigerator is another home appliance in which bad odour can develop. Acrid odour from refrigerator happens because of leftover foods in the refrigerator and keeping a particular food item such as fish meat or any perishable food item for very long time. Food items and dust stuck between fridge and fridge door can also be the culprit. To kill the bad odour and germs from your refrigerator, all you need to do is take old food items out of your fridge and dump them in the dustbin. Defrost the ice from your ice maker. Take a cup of 500ml lukewarm water and add some baking sofa to it. Take a piece of cloth and clean the entire section. Let the fridge dry by leaving the doors open. Leave a cup of oats in the fridge and it will kill all the bad odour from your fridge.

Microwave Odour

microwave odour problems

The common acrid odours in a microwave are of burnt food and the smell of fish. The splatters of cooked food in the microwave and not cleaning themin the microwave is the culprit. To kill the bad odours from your microwave, you need to clean the microwave after the use. Wipe the food splatters on the turntable and the chamber where heat is produced.

To kill the bad odour, place a microwave safe bowl with 100 ml water and few drop of lemon and turn on the microwave for 5 minutes.  Post the 5 minute mark, leave the bowl inside the chamber for 30 minutes. Take out the bowl and wipe the chamber with a dry cloth.

Ac Odour

Odour problems in Ac

Have you noticed that some time your ac smells like a pair of unwashed socks or feet? This is because of the sitting water in the ac which is not drained properly. There are other smells like rotten eggs or dead animal due to a dead lizard or rats in you ducts. Dust particles stuck in the filters can also cause the smell. The best way to fix these issues is to call a service guy to check for the problem. You can also clean the filter by washing the filter with plain water and drying them in the sunlight.

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