How to clean a Refrigerator within 30 minutes?

Easy cleaning hacks to keep your Fridge Clean and Organized

Tapp Me has got simple ways to clean your Home and without taking much time, will make your House look Happy & Beautiful.

Let’s start with the Kitchen. One of the essential appliances present in the kitchen is ‘Fridge’, and at Home it’s quite complex when it comes to cleaning it, but not any more with Tapp Me. Check  out Tips & Tricks to clean Fridge at Home


How to clean a Fridge at Home:

Your Fridge helps you to preserve nutrition in the food items stored in it and ensures that these stay fresh and healthy for a longer period.

Easy Process to clean the Fridge at Home:


  • Turn off the power supply before cleaning, and take out all food and other products stored in the Fridge


  • Now, take out all removable parts like shelves and trays


  • Use a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid or dishwashing soap, to wipe the interior of the fridge


  • Then, wipe the outer surface of the fridge using a good quality sponge. For the parts which are not easy to clean, you can use cleaning tools like brushes


  • Use Baking Soda as a cleaning agent to remove tough stains


  • Once the interior dries up, you can put back all the removable parts and switch-on the refrigerator back


Be careful while removing the glass parts like shelves and bottle holders. Also, be careful while washing them to avoid breakage.

While cleaning the fridge, you might notice that your Refrigerator needs professional servicing or repairing. Chances of getting a technician immediately will be less. Don’t  worry, you always have Tapp Me standing by you. For any Repair, Maintenance, servicing related concerns, just log on to Tapp Me, and book Free Inspection today.





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