How to get rid of bad smells in your Fridge? Fridge Cleaning Tips


Best ways to remove odors from a fridge quickly

You are planning to prepare a meal, open the fridge and come across bad smells! We are sure, you must have had experienced this. It is not only disturbing, but irritating too. And sometimes, it is even worse when multiple smells mix up; you are not able to identify, is it due to stale food, gravy spill or rotten fruit. Don’t worry, here are some simplest and easiest tips to eliminate those smells and avoiding them for future.

  • How to clean a refrigerator that smells?

Foul Smell
It is the initial and foremost step. Remove all the rotten and stale food stuff from your fridge. Take out all your remaining food and keep it in a cooler covered with ice, and unplug it. Keep your door open, so that the bad smell could get a way through to exit. Now while cleaning, clean all the shelves, drawers properly with the help of liquid detergent; mix 2-3 drops of liquid detergent in clean water, soak a sponge in it and scrub it thoroughly. Clean the door and outside surfaces, and don’t forget the space underneath the drawers; you’ll actually find gravy spills there!

  • How to clean a smelly Fridge with Vinegar?


No doubt, chemicals like Liquid detergents works faster while cleaning, but there is nothing like natural cleaning solutions. We all have at our homes; Vinegar & Baking Soda! All you should do is take a cup of warm water and mix half cup of baking soda/Vinegar. Now, scrub to clean all surface areas to really make that fridge shine.

  • What to do, if fridge smells bad even after cleaning?


It is always recommended to keep fridge fresheners in your fridge to restrict any bad smell to develop. One of the common homemade fridge fresheners is baking soda; keep baking soda in an open box to prevent odors. Apart from this, you can keep a bowl of half- filled baking soda mixed with 1 tablespoon of vanilla, leaving your fridge odorless. A dish filled with dried coffee granules, a cup of white vinegar, or even a bowl of oats also can help in keeping away those bad smells.

Food is one of our necessities, and intake of fresh & healthy food is important for your body and immunity system. While you use fridge to preserve food items, you shall also not keep them and forget about them! Consume the food items you have kept in a few days, before they get spoiled.

It’s not always, that a bad smell is due to food item only. There could be times, when your fridge might have had gone wrong, or facing some issues due to which you were experiencing those bad smells. Regular fridge servicing is also very important; it keeps you and your refrigerator safe from those last minute big repair expenses.

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