Friends like F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Friends like F.R.I.E.N.D.S

“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you”  – Winnie the Pooh


Friendship Day is here! What better way to celebrate this special relationship in our life than connecting with characters from our favourite tv series F.R.I.E.N.D.S!


A day without seeing your friends can be an incomplete day, especially if you have one of these in your group! See which one of these are a part of your life and call them now before it’s too late; because no span of time can be a barrier to true Friendship!

  • JOEY TRIBBIANI- Did someone say food?

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Joey Tribbiani; Doesn’t share food
This is your happy go lucky friend who has his/her complete attention focussed on food, and rightly so. Treat him/her with food and he will love you forever. When the whole world worries about carbs, he will only care about yummy crabs. He will give you a comprehensive list of the best restaurants & food streets in the town. They are an absolute joy to be with and they spread their cheer all along!

  • MONICA GELLER!  You’re Hungry? Don’t worry!

Monica Geller; Meticulous/ Neat Freak
No matter what, every gang will have at least one Monica! The one person who loves to cook and is fantastic at it! Every time you want to eat something yummy, he/she will pamper you with dishes of exotic cuisines. He/she take absolute pride in watching you enjoy the dish and gleam with joy when you pay them even the tiniest compliment. He/ she can be a control freak at times, but then how else can she get your favourite dish right each time?

  • CHANDLER BING- Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?

Chandler Bing; The God of Sarcasm
The adorably mean and sarcastic friend of the gang. The Chandler Bing of the gang will lose no occasion to pass a sarcastic remark, which many might not even understand. His timing is impeccable. He is funny and right most of the time. He might offend people, even when he does not mean to. But, that’s just how he is. He hates mushy dialogues and is loads of fun to hang out with.

  • PHOEBE BUFFAY- You should hear my phone number!

Phoebe Buffay; Quirky in the most unconventional way
Phoebe is your wackiest and craziest friend. They live their life to the fullest in the craziest possible manner, which no one else is capable of. You love this friend of yours just for the way they are. They make you do impossible things and they will always know the best way to cheer you up. If this person is ever upset the whole gang feels very empty. You are stunned by their ability to make friends and also how flirting comes naturally to them.  They are the first ones to come up with a fun plan every time the gang is bored. This person has the brightest smile and the wickedest ideas to have fun. They are such a delight.

  • ROSS GELLER- The Smarty Pants!

Ross Geller; The divorce queen
A friend who would be like, we never count 1, 2, 3…  one Mississippi, two Mississippi…because normal counting is too mainstream.
Ross Geller of your gang, also known by the names ‘the topper’, ‘the scholar’, ‘Einstein’, ‘Genius’ etc.  His grades were always good and he was always the favourite among teachers. He somehow in spite of being all geeky would always date the hottest person from his college. Most of his relationships might also not last very long because books were his first love after all! You always turn to him to help you pass your course the night before the exams.

  • RACHEL GREEN- The Hottie!

Oh, that’s okay, Girls tend not to like me”
Rachel Green of every gang is the one who makes anyone from the opposite sex sweat nervously every time they enter. He/she is easily the most stylish person you know. You have not seen even one day when he/she looked anything less than perfect. His/her bad hair days would be as good as your good hair days. You rely on him/her to pick your outfit for that most important event. You love him/her for the style, suave, and sophistication with which he/she carries himself, every time.

  • The on-off couple: ROSS & RACHEL – We were on a break!

4 (1)
There is one couple in every friend group in a complicated relationship. The on and off nature of their relationship gets on everyone’s nerves. They like each other a lot, but they also tend to keep breaking up ,patching up and getting jealous whenever they are in the ‘we’re just friends’ mode. This couple makes you go ‘just stop it already!’

  • The happily ever after Couple- MONICA & CHANDLER BING

This couple is the one that makes you believe in fairy-tales. You long for a relationship as beautiful as theirs. Everyone is sure they will end up together and have wonderful kids. Your gang fights over the names of the kids of this cute couple. The day they marry each other will be like a dream come true for every member of your gang. Monica and Chandler give every gang of FRIENDS, relationship goals.

Did you spot your various types of friends in the article? If you did go ahead tag them and share it with them!

TAPP ME wishes you & your friends, a very HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!


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