6 Furniture Problems You Can Fix By Yourself [Tips]


Simple tips to solve common furniture problems at home

With the cost of carpentry services escalating day by day, repairing your broken or damaged furniture can be heavy on your pockets. We will share a few simple tips to solve 6 common furniture problems on your own, saving you money and time to find Carpenters for small jobs.

  • Uneven legs of a chair or a table

Wooden Chair
Uneven legs are a common problem wih furniture. The easiest way to fix it is by using buffers. Buffers are small round pieces of hard rubber or plastic attached to a screw nail and they are commonly used to level uneven legs of a chair or a table. Drill a small hole on the bottom of the uneven leg and fix the buffer beneath it by screwing up the nail into the hole. Adjust the screw by tightening or loosening it till the uneven leg balances with the rest

  • Handles coming apart

Door Knob Repair

When the screw holes that hold the handle to your wooden door become loose due to continuous and prolonged use, the handle tends to come off from the door. And no matter how many times you screw the handle back, it will remain the same. What you need to do is to fill the holes with wood putty. Wait for the wood putty to dry up well and become hard. Then, drill fresh holes in the hardened putty and re-attach the handle.

  • Scratches on your furniture

Wooden Chair Repair

Scratches can ruin the look of your furniture. To remove scratch marks from your wooden furniture, use clear wax or color wax. Wax fills the scratches and small holes on the surface of the furniture and gives it the perfect shining look. That’s one furniture problem sorted!

  • Wobbly Chair legs

Broken Chair Repair

Very often though the chair is intact, its rung gets loose making it wobbly and rickety. A chair rung is the crosspiece between the legs of a chair. The best way to repair a loose rung is to pull it out of the hole of the joint, scrape out the pieces of old glue, using a flathead screwdriver and sandpaper and clean the gap thoroughly.  Now, apply Fevicol or any other carpentry adhesive to the rung and to the hole. Insert the rung back into the hole and gently tap it with a hammer to fix the joint firmly.

Wipe out the excess adhesive with a clean, dry cloth and allow the glue to dry for about 24 hours without moving the chair.

  • Broken drawer corners

Furniture Problem and Repair

To repair broken drawer corners, first remove the nails from the corners with the help of a screw driver. Then, gently take apart the rest of the corner while removing the remaining old glue. Re-apply a coat of fresh adhesive on the corner, remount the corner and hold the drawer steady until the adhesive in the joint dries up. Then place it on the floor for 3-4 hours for the joint to seal properly.

  • Damage due to burns

Furniture Burn and Solution

Your dining table top may get charred because someone accidentally kept a hot utensil on it without a safety mat. Same may happen with your bed if you place a hot iron on the veneer or laminate of the headboard while ironing your clothes for a last minute rush to the office. You can remove minor scratches or burn marks from your wooden furniture by buffing its surface with clear wax and making the surface smooth. However, if the burn mark is deep and big it will require stripping off the old finish from the affected area by sanding the surface and then applying fresh paint or finish.

Hope these tips were helpful in saving those extra pennies which you otherwise had to pay to a carpenter after chasing him for months.

For common furniture problems, it is advisable to keep such tricks handy. But, for major carpentry problems & repairs, you should always resort to a professional carpenter otherwise, it could ruin the entire beauty of your furniture. Tapp Me is always happy to help you with your carpentry issues!



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