Gas Geyser or an Electric Geyser? Which is Better

geyser buying guide in India

With festive offers approaching, if you are planning to buy a geyser for the winter season, a critical question is going to strike you; shall I buy Electric Geyser or Gas Geyser? Practically, no one can directly answer to this question, it totally depends on your requirements and priorities.

Before Gas Geyser coming in the trend, Electric Geyser was the only resort for safe hot water. But, technology has always surprised us, this time too. Gas Geyser comes at an affordable price with similar specifications to that of the Electric one. Still, is it the best option to go? Every geyser has its pros and cons. We at Tapp Me today, will help you out in comparing both the geysers at some common parameters.Electric Geyser Tapp Me

The type of water heater you choose for your home can be based on several factors – from cost of geyser installation to availability of geyser maintenance and repair services. For some families, gas geyser might be a better choice than electric geysers.

CostGeyser Electricity bill Tapp Me

The initial cost of water heater can be an important factor for your purchasing decision. Electric geysers cost slightly more than gas geysers. But other factors like energy efficiency and usage time can impact the overall operational and maintenance costs.

Performancegas geyser and electric geyser tapp me

Gas geysers can heat and reheat large quantities of water in relatively lesser time compared to electric geysers. This can be a selection criterion for large families. Also, for locations with power outage issues, gas geysers provide an all-year-round efficient system to heat water.

Safetygeyser safety tapp me

Electric geysers score a little higher on safety factors than gas geysers. It can be unsafe to use gas water heaters in closed and confined spaces like a bathroom. Gas geysers require proper ventilation nearby otherwise these can become safety hazards. Also, since it uses gas as a fuel; gas geyser installations can be a bit difficult for most households.

Hope, with this you can now take your pick! Generally, every geyser brand comes with a 2-3-year warranty program. What post that? Resort to Tapp Me; professional care for your geysers on a call, anytime!


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