When to Get a Modular Kitchen or a Semi-Modular Kitchen


In India, when it comes to standard of living, one thing which is generally used as a parameter is ‘your kitchen’. And with kitchen, everyone means is ‘Modular Kitchen’; space filled with Modular Furniture (fancy cabinets, cupboards, chimney, wall tiles etc). Ee often get mistaken in marking a difference between a modular kitchen and a semi-modular kitchen. Every expanse can’t have the look and feel of a modular kitchen. So, one needs to be well-informed before he/she plans to get modular kitchen installed in the house.

Now, the question arises, how does one differentiate between ‘Modular Kitchen’ and ‘Semi-Modular Kitchen’? We at Tapp Me, have got a list to resolve all your related queries.

You can opt for one of the two choices depending on the structure of the space. All you need is to consider the below points to understand if modular or semi modular kitchen is best for your home:


Modular Kitchen Counter Top Tapp Me

If your kitchen has an existing countertop, the best option is to go for semi modular kitchen designs. Modular kitchens work best when the space is empty allowing for easy assembly for all components


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Every household has different requirements based on their daily lifestyles. So, if your priority is customizing cabinets, personal shelves, countertop designs as per your usage, semi modular units offer more leeway to change the unit sizes. This is in contrast to modular kitchens that consist of standard-sized units ready to assemble


If you are facing a budget constraint and yet want the best of modular furniture in your kitchen, apt choice would be to go for semi modular kitchen designs. For semi modular designs, less raw material is required for cabinets, hence, cost saving. Also, the countertop is already built during the civil building work. This also lessens the cost.

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If budget is not an issue with you and you have a kitchen without an existing countertop, you can opt for a full modular kitchen for better design options and easy installation.


Along with this, one of the crucial things you need to pay attention to, is the professional company you are hiring to get your kitchen installed. Since it is masonry work, it involves a lot of cost, and is important that it should be quality job in one go. It is always recommended to not hail local technicians for interior jobs as they lack technical skills, reliability and credibility.


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