Get your Air Cooler Ready for the Summer [Checklist]

Air cooler repair by Tapp Me

6 things to look at before using your Air Cooler

Although a bit early but yes, the summer season has arrived and so has the need for air coolers. We all know that air cooler has been one of the most successful inventions to #beaththeheat in summers. Now, we might be switching over to the air conditioners but you’ll always remember coolers as a memory of your childhood.

Whether you are living in Jaipur, Patna, Gurugram or you spend your days at the beaches of Visakhapatnam, the air cooler seems always seems to be a necessity. And whenever the summer season comes, we all look for technicians to get the cooler summer-ready.

During the peak season it is hard to technicians, and even if you do, there is always a possibility of not getting served a standard quality. It could be a fine chance that the technician would come and assure proper repairs but end up changing filters only.

We at Tapp Me have got a simple air cooler servicing checklist which would help in ensuring that your cooler runs efficiently throughout the season.

  1. Start with the water pump

A water pump of a cooler is its essence. If the pump faces any issue, the cooler can no longer be used. So if you are hiring an electrician for a check up or if you are planning to do it on your own, make sure the pump is working completely.

  1. Make sure there is no water leakage

Water leakage is not only a performance issue for the cooler but can also be life threatening. If the leaking water droplets reach the electric wires, it will lead to an electric shock. So always get the air cooler checked thoroughly so that no leakage points remain unfixed.

  1. The fan should be thoroughly checked

If the pump is essential to producing a cool breeze, then the fins/fan is essential for us to feel that breeze. If there are problems with the fan or the fan stops working, it could be a problematic situation to tolerate the summer season. So, next on the checklist is to inspect the fan speed and their proper cleaning.

When a cooler is new, everything works fine for about a year or 2. But gradually you’ll realize that the speed of the fan is not as it was when you bought. This could be because of stuck dirt and filth on the fan. Whenever you start the cooler for the season, always clean up the cooler fan properly with water.

  1. Filters shouldn’t have got withered

While you enjoy your summers under the cold breeze, the filters of the coolers do the toughest job by helping the air cooler produce cold breeze and restricting the heat. It is always recommended that you change the filters before you start using the cooler

  1. Do an electric current checkup

Many times you would have faced an issue where you touched the cooler and felt a shock. This is because of poor electric wiring or other electric issues.  So before start using the cooler for the summer season, check whether there is any wiring issue with the appliance or not.

For any of these problems, always try hire a professional technician so that you leave no scope of facing any trouble later. You always have Tapp Me for quality repair & maintenance of your air cooler. Assured Warranty!

Have a happy and cool summer!

P.S. – As a piece of advice, always keep the cooler away from children.







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