6 Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Geyser In India

6 tips to remember before buy a geyser in india

Buying a suitable geyser in India can be tricky and frustrating. There are so-called brands and options that can lure you, and you might end up buying a futile geyser for your home. There are a variety of geysers available in the market, and they all offer same results. But how do you ensure that you buy the best geyser for your family? Here are the few points to remember before buying a geyser.

Types of Geyser

Types of a geyser is an important element to mull over before you buy a geyser. Currently, there are three types of geysers available in India. You can choose an electric geyser, or you can go with gas geyser. If you advocate for green energy, then go for a solar geyser. These days, gas and solar geysers are gaining popularity among Indian consumers. Gas and solar geyser are energy efficient and puts no harm to mother nature.  In terms of usability, they are fit for your pocket. Electric geyser relies on electricity and it has a significant postitive impact on your electricity bill.

Geyser Rating

Geyser rating is one of the most important factor to keep in the mind before you buy an electric geyser. 5-star ratings shows that the geyser is energy efficient and uses less electricity than a 4 star or lower rated electric geyser. Because heavy electricity bill can put lots of pressure on your pocket. Gas geyser and solar geyser don’t come with ratings.

Power Consumption

Power consumption has a direct connection with your bill and how much load it puts on the power grid. In a country like India, power voltage is a big issue not only during the summers but during the winters as well. Imagine if everyone from your neighborhood turns on their geyser at same time, than what will happen? I am sure your electric geyser wouldn’t work properly. Geyser capacity also have correlation with power consumption. Normal water heaters/geysers are between 2 or 2.5kw but instant water heater/geysers are between 3kw to 4.5 kw. Which mean it put too much pressure on the power grid and voltage problem in India is very common. Choosing an electric geyser as per need and power consumption can be helpful. Not only it saves money, but it reduces unnecessary power consumption.

Geyser Brands

The market is filled with geyser brands and you will notice a major price difference among brands. You can buy a geyser in just 1000 rupees from the market and some cost around 10000 rupees as well. But why is brand an important factor to consider before buying a geyser. If we compare brands, in terms of price, then we do see a tangible difference. but what about the hidden facts and benefits we always ignore. Price does make a difference, when it comes to your pocket, but paying high for good brand geyser always pays back in many dividends. Brand represents trust, quality and durability. Good brand geysers, whether gas or electric, are helpful with saving electricity. A good brand geyser can help you save more electricity and reduces bill load on your shoulder. The safety features and hardware quality of a brand geyser decrease the chances of an accident occuring. Often time happens with gas geyser, where you heard about the gas leakage from gas geyser becomes the reason of someone’s death. The durability of a good brand geyser ensures that you don’t have to buy a brand-new geyser every year. After all, who likes to pay for a new geyser every winter.

Size of a Geyser

Why do you need a 25-liters gas geyser, when there are only two members in the family? Doesn’t make any sense. Only 5-liter geyser is sufficient for two people. You can have 25- 30-liter geyser for a small family of 4 or 5 members. Size is important because it can save money, when you are buying it and when you are using it. A 5-liter geyser can cost between 1500 INR to 2500 INR, but a 25- 30L can cost between 4500 and 10000, depending up on the brand and type. If you want cost effective option, then go for either gas geyser or a solar geyser.

Purpose of Use

Geyser can be used in kitchen, bathroom as well in offices. Choosing the right size and type of geyser is very helpful. Normally, geyser is used in bathrooms in winter season in India. But these days’ consumer use geyser in kitchen for washing utensils and cooking purpose as well. In offices or large commercial building solar geysers are used. The types and sizes of a geyser also play an important factor when we think about purpose of use.

Life And Replacement of a Geyser

We have already talked about how a geyser brand can affect the life of a geyser. But here we are talking about life and replacement of a geyser, because we don’t buy geyser every winter. Consumer pay for a geyser once and are likely to use it for long run. Your geyser might face some issues after it gets old and buying a new geyser is not cheap deal. That’s why we should ensure the life and replacement or warranty of a geyser in the beginning.

Appearance And Design

Though appearance and design of a geyser doesn’t matter much to a customer, it has some hidden advantages of a good-looking geyser. A Well-designed geyser, can be aligned with the color and appearance of your home. it can add some godly element to your home decor. A well-designed geyser not only has good looks, but it can save space. Therefore, it is also important to choose a good-looking geyser for your bathroom or kitchen.

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