Hiring a Local Technician? Think Twice Before Calling Him Up


Reasons why you should avoid calling a local technician 

More than choice, it has become a habit for all of us to seek a local technician whenever there is any repair job to be done at home or workplace.

Give it a thought; we are skeptical to open doors for random donation seekers, but very happily we let enter these technicians without even asking their names. Is it worth the risk? Assuming it as an easy way out, we put the safety of or family and house on stake.

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We, at Tapp Me, are rolling out rationales on why you should think twice or even thrice before hiring a local technician for your home or workplace:

  1. Your ‘no-knowledge’ about the repair work becomes his easy access

Often it happens, while facing issues with your AC the technician diagnoses gas leakage and would charge some Rs. 3000 for gas filling, but originally it was just a debris issue.  You unknowingly end up paying 30 times more than what you were supposed to pay.

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Another example: You need to get the bearing of a fan changed. What if, he changes the screws after oiling it, and says ‘I have replaced it with a new bearing’, would you be able to know?

  1. Can you really trust him?

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During times of any major masonry job or plumbing job, a lot of labour is required to set up the work. Your house becomes more of an open invitation to anyone and everyone coming to work. Is it safe to let them enter your house without any background check? You don’t know their names, faces or anything. What if, he someday grabs a seat at your place and robs or harm someone. No one will be liable for any mishapps.

  1. Putting your house on risk without certification

We all know, repair jobs are very crucial and risky, requiring high level of expertise and competence. If you come across any local technician who does not possess any technical expertise about the job, just following basic techniques to repair every kind of work, you are doing nothing but putting your house on risk. He could play with house wiring, bathroom fittings etc. and ruin the beauty of your home.

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For Example: You hired an Electrician to install a ceiling fan. Thanks to his incompetence, he leaves screw unfastened. Now you can imagine, how risky it could it get for the person sleeping under that fan.

  1. No Rate-Card, no Bars!

Whenever you buy a product or service from a formal organization, you have a proper rate-card which is standard for everyone. In case of hiring a technician, there is no such thing called ‘Rate Card, it is all based on his choice. And the best part is, negotiation is never in the picture!

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If a plumber comes and says the charges pipe leakage will be based on inspection, and after untying the locks of the pipe, he charges some Rs. 4000 for fixing the leakage. What is the option you are left with? Nothing but to pay that amount, because he has left you with the situation of saying a ‘Yes’

This is not a one-day hassle, but everyday problems which we face but tend to ignore, since we do not have alternatives. Gone are the days, Tapp Me has got solution for it!

Any to every repair job, whether house, workplace, office, factory or showroom, hire certified technicians on a Tapp! Every individual technician associated with Tapp Me is certified, experienced, background checked. Not just this, you even do not need to be in the trap ‘Inspection based charges’, get a standard rate-card which is at best market prices. Experience Convenience and Ensure Safety with Tapp Me.



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