How to protect your Home from colors? Holi Safety Tips


Pre-Holi tips to maintain the beauty of your Homes

Holi is a festival of Colors and Vibrancy.  Say Holi, and we think of Gulaal, colors, thandai, Gujiya etc. We all cherish this festival by playing with colors. Along with celebrations, the festival calls for the trouble; Holi colors reaching to our Houses. Maintaining the interior of a house has always been expensive, and because of one day it all gets ruined. But then, what is the solution?

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We at Tapp Me, will help you out in maintaining your houses on Holi and at the same enjoying this colorful festival. It seems easier said than done. But we have complied some easy pre-holi Home-Safety tips which can help your House from any beauty damage.

1. How to protect the Door knob against color damage?

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The door knob is the first and foremost thing which gets in contact of the colors after playing Holi, leaving color stains on it. You can simply put Turpentine oil or Mustard oil on the knob 1 day before Holi. The oil coating will keep it stain-free.

And during post-holi cleaning, wipe off the knob with water and soft and cloth.

2. How to avoid Hand prints on walls?

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Hand prints on walls is something none of us like, until & unless it is a part of the design. And, the probability of getting hand prints during Holi becomes more. What can you do? Get anti-stain varnish from nearby hardware store and apply a coat on your walls. The varnish will protect the walls from colors and other substances.

In case, you are not able to find the varnish, as a last resort push all your furniture against your wall so that no one is in proximity to the walls at all.

3. How to protect Furniture at home?

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Removing colors and stains from wooden furniture is a tedious task, but still possible. But, if the Leather furniture gets colors or any unwanted stains, it is nearly impossible to clean it. Therefore, cover all your Home Furniture with old bedsheets, sarees, curtains etc. to maintain the beauty of your furniture.

4. How to take care of Taps and Showers?

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After a heartful Holi celebrations, your first task is to go bathe. While bathing in the bathroom, it is very common that you will touch the Taps and shower for adjusting its direction. Your colorful hands could just divest their shine and look. So, as a pre-holi tip, apply petroleum jelly on the Taps and Showers, so that they remain stain free.

5. How to keep the Sink stain-free?

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It is always recommended, to never use a washbasin/sink at your home to wash your face, if it has colors on it. Always prefer a portable tub, or hose pipe to take shower during Holi.

Weren’t they simple? It’s always wiser to give it a thought about your Home Maintenance before any celebrations. These tips will not only protect your home, also embrace your smartness in front of your Guests; you can give credits to Tapp Me, may be 😛

Meanwhile, if you think you need any technician, contact us. We will be there at your doorstep to provide a hassle-free Home Repair Experience.

Till then, Team Tapp Me wishes you a very Happy and Maintained Holi!


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