Time to Paint Your House? Here Are The Tools You Will Need


The festive season is here! How can someone not forget to think about making their house look shiny and beautiful? Remember last year? You thought of getting your house painted but since it was sounding heavy on your pockets, you skipped it? Not this time! Redoing your house seems like an expensive job, but if done with wisdom could save a lot on your pockets. All you need is to have proper knowledge and street smartness in equal proportions. It indeed becomes a fun job.

We at Tapp Me, have got a handy checklist for essential tools you need to paint your house. This can help you decide if you want to undertake your house painting job or hire professionals for the job.

  • Tape Measure:

    One of the initial things you would require is to have a Tape Measure. This will give you an understanding as to how much paint would be required. Standard is one gallon of paint shelters for approximately 400 square feet of areatape for paint job

  • Sand paper:

    Before applying the new paint, it is important to scrub off the old layer so that there are no patches left after the final coat. Sand paper is required to smoothen out the walls without which the paint job won’t be as nicesand paper for painting

  • Protective covers: 

    Keep them handy while painting process is on the roll. Best is to use tarps or old clothes to cover floors and furniture in the paint room. Let them not enjoy the paint color

  • Ladder:

    Or a stool to reach the top of the wall or painter’s pole to use as an extension for the brush

  • Brushes: 

    different ones for various tasks; angled brush for the corners, rollers or a wide brush for most of the wall depending on your preference and type of paint you are planning to get done

  • Primer:

    Before painting a wall, it is always preferred to use a primer. It will cover any existing wall paint or to act as a binding agent

  • Paint:

    You always have a huge range of colors. One of the major criterions to decide the type of budget is BUDGET (money honey). Allow your brains to explore different brands to choose the quality one within your budget

Depending on how much you want to spend on a DIY whitewash job, you can buy some other tools such as a paint tray, roller covers, and buckets to make the job easier.

Painting is an indulgence if you love DIY home projects. But, we recommend choosing a professional for a perfect look. It will not only consume lesser time, also you will not be liable for any mistakes.

So, all you DIY lovers, this season … keep it snazzy with Tapp Me!






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