How to clean your coloured Washing Machine after Holi?


Tips to clean a Washing Machine after Holi

Holi Celebrations is always fun, but what about the day after Holi! Cleaning color stained clothes seems to be a nightmare. It is often quite difficult to remove color blots from the body, and even worse if the color stains get dry and it takes ages to get it off the washing machine.  We have got some simple & quick methods to clean up your washing machine easily and give it a shining look as before.

How to clean a Washing Machine ?

Washing Machine cleaning                                                                                                                   Image Courtesy: Simple Simple – WordPress

While washing clothes after Holi Festivity, we generally think how to remove color stains from clothes. We ignore the thought of cleaning the Washing Machine which includes Tub, Dryer, Rotor, and Body. Some of us would not even have knowledge about how to clean it.

When we put our stained clothes in the Machine, the detergent removes stains from the clothes. While doing so we forget about the colour which is left on the body. Post Holi-Laundry, you witness those unwanted color stains stuck around the washing machine: in the tub, in the dryer, on the door etc.

The easiest way to clean up the stains inside the machine is, after washing all the clothes fill up hot water in the tub; keep it hot and not luke warm!

Now, add a full cup of vinegar to it and give the machine a grin for about 2 minutes.

Washing Machine Vinegar Cleaning                                                                                                                                   Image Courtesy: imtalking

You can also use Bleach as a replacement of Vinegar. Drain the stained water through the pipe. You will notice that the color stains are no more visible.

For the stains on the doors and body of the washing machine, take hot water in a bowl and add bleach. Now, soak a sponge in the solution and give a gentle scrub to the stains. Leave it for an hour.

Washing Machine Door                                                                                                                             Image Courtesy: WomanTOC

With the help of a pipe, rinse the washing machine with running water. After it soaks down, wipe it off remaining water with a soft damp cloth.

Washing Machine Body                                                                                                                               Image Courtesy: Roux Masion

Don’t forget to restart it after the cleaning is done, just to check if everything is fine.

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