How to do Microwave Oven Servicing for Parties?


All you need is 5 minutes to keep your Microwave look New & Clean

Say Christmas, and all we remember is Food and some more Food! From Snacks, Savories, Pasta, to Desserts, Cakes, Patisseries and Cupcakes, all we love is to relish them. In the course of enjoying the good food, we always forget that after the party, you will be the only one to clean the utensils and kitchen appliances. Utensils are still fine because they will get done with the dish-washing liquid, the difficult one is to clean the Kitchen Appliances.

One of such Appliances is the Microwave Oven. We all are aware about it’s Multi-Tasking but when it comes to Microwave Oven Servicing, we all look out for an easy solution.

We have got some Quick & Easy ways to clean the Microwave Oven in a short span of time which will not only keep the Microwave look good but also enhance its life


How to clean the Microwave at Home?


  • Add lemon juice in water and boil it for a minute


  • Now, soak a clean soft cloth for a while and then wipe clean the inside surface of the microwave; ceiling, sides, top and bottom surfaces, and door flap


  • Remove all loosened food lumps with a damp cloth and then wipe clean with a dry cloth


  • Lastly wipe clean the outer surface with the same water and lemon mix that you used for cleaning the inside surfaces


  • To wash the glass-plate,  use a dish-washing liquid, and then rinse it with the running water


  • Your Microwave is all set to make some fresh Cakes, Patisseries, Cupcakes and Pastas  


  • Ensure that you switch off the power supply before you start cleaning it
  • Be sure to remove the round glass plate and the ring on which it rests inside the microwave
  • Never heat any food in a sealed container or it may burst and splatter the food contents on all the inside walls of the microwave


Cleaning the Microwave Oven can be easily done at Home with the tips mentioned above. But, when it comes to Microwave Oven Services like spare parts installation, general servicing, grill rods replacement etc., it is always advised to call a certified Technician for Microwave Oven Repair & Servicing.

No matter how old your kitchen appliances are, if you maintain them properly and clean them regularly, your appliances will work faultlessly over many years. If you don’t have the time to do regular cleaning and maintenance, you can try out a comprehensive kitchen maintenance contract with TappMe India’s Leading Service Provider for Home Repair & Maintenance services.


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