How to Fix a Frozen Ice-Maker Supply Line [6 Commonly Asked Questions]


 6 commonly asked questions while fixing the ice-maker

If you find the ice-maker of your fridge frozen, get it fixed immediately. A frozen ice-maker supply line indicates that the freezer will not be producing ice; it is one of the common problems with refrigerators but shall be fixed then and there. You can either call Fridge Technician to get it repaired or could use these Tapp Me tips to fix the machine and make it run efficiently again.

Image Maker Repair and Maintainence

Handle with Care: Before start working on your refrigerator, make sure

  • You disconnect all electricity supply sources
  • Your hands are dry, and not wet
  • You are not barefoot while working
  • You are not using hair dryer while standing near any water

What do I need to fix a frozen ice-maker supply line?

Bucket | Clean Rags| Hair dryer

1 – How do I save food from getting spoilt?

Ice-maker maintenance check

As an initial step, you’ll have to turn off the refrigerator and consequently, the food kept in your fridge could get spoilt. So, before you turn off the refrigerator, temporarily transfer all the eatables to another fridge, freezer or icebox till the time it does not get it fixed.

2 –  How to clean the ice bin?

Now, have a look at the ice-bin and start removing the ice on the freezer surface. Clear any and every piece of ice that seems visible. This could temporarily solve your problem but for a long-term solution, follow all the steps.

3 – How to find the frozen ice-maker supply line?

Internal Repair of Ice Maker

Next, at the back of the refrigerator you’ll need to find the supply line which has been frozen. The supply line would be about the width of your thumb. There will be different lines in different color, suspect the one which looks frozen. Once you detect it, detach it from the clip/device, holding it in place.

4 –  What to do with dribbling water from the supply line?

It’s time to collect the water that might drip off when you detach the line. Place a bucket below the line and collect the water. As a safety measure, spread out dry rags on the floor so that the water does not get in contact with any of the electrical wires.

5 – How do you thaw out an ice maker?

Hair drying the Ice Maker

Next, utilize a hair dryer on low warmth to defrost the fill tube. Ensure you connect the dryer to an outlet that can achieve the range you’re working at however is far sufficiently away from where the refrigerator’s water may dribble. Try not to remain in any water while utilizing the dryer. Proceed with this warming procedure until the supply line feels defrosted.

6 – How to make sure, if the ice-maker has been fixed?

Testing the Ice Maker

At last, you can clean up the area and plan to test your ice-maker. Put the supply line back the way you detached it, and set back any things you’ve removed from the refrigerator. You can now connect your ice-maker back to turn on the power. Test it to check whether it works as before.

If your machine still isn’t producing ice, you need to seek a professional and experienced Technician. For any and every fridge related problem, call Tapp Me!


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