It’s Daddy Day!


“When I was your age, I used to stand First in the class!”, Don’t you feel connected to this line? It’s one of the favourite sayings by your DAD, though one may wonder if each Dad today, always stood first, who was the one taking Second position.

Anyways, still looking for a gift for Dad? Come on, it’s father’s day today, gear up, it’s time to look up for the best gift for him. Wait, What can be more precious than you, to your father. No ties, no tux, no champagne would ever even lie near to what importance you hold, in his life, and nothing would give him more happiness, than you telling him what he has been for you all over these years, and how much you adore him as your father.
This 2016, Tapp Me came up with a surprise to it’s employee’s, Tapp-me bridged every gap between them and their father, by reviving the father-child bond, made them recall those happy moments with their Dad which were long faded.

This 19th June, celebrate the father’s day with Tapp-me, and let the emotions flow.

The best moments in life are not restricted to 4*4!


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