Jugaads to fix your leaking tap, temporarily!

Jugaads to fix your leaking tap, temporarily!

You must not be unaware of the times, you have got stuck in this, ‘’your mom yelling at your father that if he can’t fix a leaking tap, he is of no use.” Haven’t you?

When we are our only curator, we should be able and ready to handle petty errands by ourselves. And in these so-called petty errands, comes a big job for you, fixing your taps.

leaking tap
Sometimes, there is an overflow of water, and other times you yearn if your tap could just give a minimum of water which could quench your thurst. So, either we have low water pressure or unstoppable water.

First and foremost, turn off the main water supply.

water supply

Things you’ll need: Presence of mind majorly…

Tapp Me

  • You can fix the leakage of the Tap by applying m-seal on the leakage area. It’s perfect for sealing, fixing, and joining

Fixing tap

  • Run all the fixtures in the home that are situated over the spilling channel to dispense the remaining water from the funnels

open Tap

  • Keep in spare, a couple of thin pieces of rubber, or elastic. Along with it, some Hose clamps which you can easily get it from a Bike repair shop. Now, just cover the gap with the elastic and put a hose clip on it


In case, the surface is not smooth but edgy then, having a container of epoxy putty convenient will help there. This, however will be a temporary rescue.

bonding tap

  • You can stop the sound of dripping water by tying a long string around the end of the fixture. The water will dribble on the string and cut back gradually
  • Put silicon oil/ lubricant or petroleum jelly on the strings of the stem to grease up faucet motion

-If nothing else, Tapp Me will rescue you, always!

Let’s conclude it on an introspective note:

We may not all win Nobels but Yes, we can simply fix our leaking taps, and save tons of water from getting wasted.




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