Your Kitchen Sink is dirtier than your Toilet

Kitchen Sink is one of the dirtiest places in home

Alarming? 5 dirtiest places in your home, you need to pay attention to today!

 Your house is as sensitive as your skin! If you wouldn’t take care of it properly, the aftermath will affect your body only. There are a few places at your home which could be cleaned on a monthly basis or every quarter, but there are certain places which are used frequently and require daily hygiene.

We at Tapp Me, have jotted down the places which at your home are the most sensitive:

  1. Taps & Mixtures

How to clean Taps & Mixtures in minutes? Tapp Me Blog
Taps & Mixtures is the most infection-prone area in your house

Wash basins are the most used places at house on a daily basis. So, Taps and Mixtures become pro-disease with most of the germs around.

How to clean Taps & Mixtures?

Once a month, remove tap’s filter (aerator) by moving it counter-clockwise. Now, soak the filter for 15 minutes in vinegar solution. Post that, brush all parts with a toothbrush to remove remaining debris.

2. Kitchen Sink

How to clean kitchen sink in minutes? Tapp Me Blog
Kitchen sink is dirtier than your toilet in your house

As per a research report, a kitchen sink is dirtier than a toilet post flush. It is due to various food particles blending with the environment near the sink.

How to clean kitchen sink?

It is recommended to wash the sink on a daily basis using liquid dishwasher or soap.  Practice cleaning the kitchen with a disinfectant cleaner once a week.

  1. Inside the Refrigerator

Due to leftover food items, vegetables, fruits and other perishable stuff kept in the fridge, it has multiple access across the day by various people. This adds space for germs to survive and make the place dirtier.

How to clean Refrigerator from inside?

Fill your kitchen sink with hot water and add dishwashing liquid. Now, remove all the selves from the fridge and put them in the hot water for a while. Rinse them through in fresh water, clean it with a dry cloth, and place them back in the fridge.

  1. Handles and Switches

Switch & Door Handles are dirty due to daily usage

While doing daily dusting, we always tend to forget cleaning handles and switches properly. We don’t even realize that they could be most dangerous when it comes spreading germs.

How to clean Handles & Switches?

Use a glass cleaner (commonly used at home), spray it on the switch and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Get it in your daily routine.

  1. The Walls Around Your Toilet

Toilet walls are on of the dirtiest places in home

Since a lot of water is used your washroom and bathroom, whether for bathing, washing, hot shower or any other purposes, the probability of germ growth there is higher. Moisture works as a fuel for germ growth, and Toilet walls are the most prone to germ-spread.

How to clean Toilet Walls?

Add quality liquid cleaner and water in a spray bottle, in same proportions. Spray the solution on the toilet walls, let it sit for a few minutes. It will help in breaking down the debris. Then, wipe it off with a damp towel.

Along with frequent cleaning regime, it is important to have regular maintenance of your appliances at home. Whether it is Geyser, AC, Fridge, Mixer Grinder, Bathroom fittings & fixtures or even switches and handles. Seek a professional technician who could come for regular inspection, to keep your home and you safe!



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