6 Simple Ideas to Make Your Office-Space Fun and Creative

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Simple Ideas to make your workplace look creative and spacious

Office Space; the place where we spend maximum hours of the day, not forgetting the days of the big presentation when you had to work until 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM. More than anyone, your desk or private cabin (if you are lucky enough) could value your presence.  Like the way comfortable chairs, spacious desks and cabinets help in making your day smooth, you shall also reciprocate it by keeping your workplace surroundings clean and hygienic. Cleanliness does not only involve throwing away used papers & food foils in the bin, it also includes making you space creative enough that it inspires you every day to work more efficiently and passionately.

We at Tapp Me, have got some simple and interesting DIY (Do it Yourself) ideas to re-design your workplace, making it a place you will love coming to!

Poster for office

  1. Posters work as a real means of motivation

Most of us love putting up posters, from favorite characters and artists to quirky quotes. They are a real form of motivator, so look for some unusual posters and get them pinned at your desk. Go gigantic, get it framed and put it up on the office wall.

Headphone hanger office hack

2. Let Headphones not grab your office desk

Tuck them with a clip binder; place a clip binder on your desk, and your headphones are good to get hung on them. A clutter free desk is at your service!

Binder clip office hack3. Use binder clips for more than just binding papers

By no means would you be able to concentrate on your work when you are surrounded by multiple cables on the desk.  A binder clip will be a savior! Clamp a few clips to your desk and keep your USB cables, connectors and charging cables straightened out by lacing each of them through a binder clip.

water cup office hack4. No more coffee mugs for placing stationery; use paper cups!

Make some extra space on your desk by stapling a paper cup on your desk, and putting markers, pencils and other stationery in it.

Image Courtesy: Life Hacker


5. Use Spring to organize your documents

Spring Office Hack

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Place a mid-sized spring on your table and organize papers by place one in each loop. It will consume less space and handy at the same time.

6. Go Green!

Plants office hacks

Image Courtesy: IKEA

Having plants around is always a healthy option. Along with oxygen, the plants make the workplace look organic, cleaner and comfortable. Not to forget, watering your plants is an incredible stress buster!

So, get up, observe a little change around you and witness the difference. As they always say, change is the spice of life!

If at any time, you plan to revamp the infrastructure of your office space, just remember Tapp Me! From small cabinets to turnkey office space, we are an expert in making you fall in love with the workplace.


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