6 Appliances You Need to Introduce your Mom to Today!


Modern-age Appliances Saving up to an Hour in the Kitchen Every Day

It would not be a lie if we were to say that moms are the smarter ones in the house. From managing basics to luxuries for everyone in the house to small necessities that we require. But one thing is always there, she can’t compromise with her kitchen. The awesome kitchen. She will never fall short of money to buy new crockeries, appliances and other appliances.

How about Tapp Me helping you out in making your mom’s kitchen look the smartest? Here’s what we have got, new age appliances you need to buy for her now!

  1. Garlic PressHome appliance garlic crusher

Who doesn’t love garlic bread-sticks? But you cannot eat out every day, and making it at home is a smelly job for your mom. What if we tell you that there is an appliance called ‘Garlic Press’ which crushes garlic in minutes without getting your hands dirty.

  1. Hi-fire Cooking Stove:Kitchen appliance cooker

Many a times, it happens that guests are arriving at the last minute and your mom has too much to cook. She has to exhaust herself because she is not left with an option. Introduce her to ‘Hi-Fire Cooking Stove’ which can cook a variety of dishes with different quantity and ingredients at the same time. It has literally revolutionized the kitchen usage.

  1. Corn Kernel Cutter:corn kernel appliance

Love Corn cutlets? You will love this appliance even more! Corn Kernel Cutter, a modern age appliance helps in shredding off corn kernels in less than a minute. This saves up to 20 minutes of your mom’s time in the kitchen. Make these 20 minutes productive by investing time with her, because some bonds need to be maintained!

  1. Teapot for two!double teapot home appliances

Guests with different choices of tea? Wouldn’t be an issue anymore with the presence of this quirky teapot that retains two different kinds of tea in a same pot. No extra utensils for your mom to get washed, and she, as happy as she should be!

  1. Message Toaster:Message toaster appliances

Got bored of chewing those boring looking toasts every day? Get your mom this amazing toaster which comes with a message board. What does it do? Just write a message on the board, put a loaf of bread in the toaster, enjoy message imprinted toast with your favourite choice of jam!

  1. Packet Re-Sealer:Packet re-sealer home appliances

Now, your mom wouldn’t need to tie rubber bands all the times on those half-used packets of chips, biscuits and other snacks. Get this tool for her kitchen and she will never scold you ever for not finishing the packet.

This packet locker reseals the half-used bag in a professional way and retains the flavor and freshness of the food item.

This #MayforMom, introduce your mom to these appliances and tools and witness how her day changes.

Thinking about high-maintenance bills? Not any more with #TappMe, your Home-Improvement friend!



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