7 Ways To Prevent Viral Fever, Like A Boss

7 ways to prevent viral fever like a boss

Its that time of the month where anything and everything might lead you to fall in the viral fever trap. Save yourself, today!
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7 Ways To Prevent Viral Fever, Like A Boss

Heat your food before eating

Whether you believe or not, taking warm food is always better than consuming cold, preserved or stored food. As normal and moderate temperature is more favourable for viral growth in comparison to the higher temperature.

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Avoid Sharing Personal Utilities

Sharing things like utensils, clothes and other personal utilities might increase the chance of spreading the infection. Avoid using anyone’s belongings that can offer infection and increase your chances of working from home during office days.

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Observe before you eat

Whether you are eating at home, at work or  somewhere outside, you should not forget to check the cleanliness of the dishes, spoons, glasses and all the other vessels which are being used by you during meal.

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Be careful during Hospital visits

If you are going to the hospital for a check up or to meet any patient, it becomes more important for you to maintain hygiene. For instance, avoid sitting on the bed of patient, direct skin contact etc. After coming back to home from hospital, immediately change your clothes or preferably, take bath.

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Maintain the hygiene of your surroundings

Avoid viral infected things and occurrence of atmospheric conditions which are likely to give birth to virus. Apart from avoiding the company of infected people, one should be very careful regarding consumption of food and water.

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Wash your hands more frequently than often

Washing hands several times a day is really an effective idea to keep viruses away.
If you will let the virus sit on your hand, it will get comfortable and cozy.
Don’t let the virus stay.

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Avoid fresh water logging

Fresh Water logging, especially during the rainy season can sometimes prove to be fatal. Logged water provides the best home for mosquito breeding; As their number increases, the amount of population decreases.

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We generally keep an eye on some measures like avoiding street food, washing hand before every meal, keeping a mosquito repellent cream etc. But, give a thought on one of the major reasons for these Viral Spreads; Water. We are surrounded by water whether it’s your Body, Home, Vicinity, or Earth.

Water can make or break lives. Life without water can be fatal for one & life around stagnant water can be fatal for many. In order to live a Healthy life, Getting rid of areas where mosquitoes breed, such as water tanks, leaking pipes, sewage system, leaking ceilings, etc is most important.

Measures mentioned above is a self task, but dealing with water clogs, Tapp Me Plumbers will be there to rescue.



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