5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Only Drink Purified Water


5 serious water-borne diseases you did not know contaminated water can cause

Water is life, and clean water means Health. ~ Audrey Hepburn

We all are aware of how important water is for mankind. Our life needs it at every step, from digesting food, proper metabolism, elimination of waste, to producing food and daily hygiene. Knowing the fact that purity is necessary while consuming water, most parts of the world still intake poor quality of it.

‘Water Impurity’, generally does not get perceived as a serious issue, especially in the rural areas. Shattering this notion, we at Tapp Me, today are going to make you aware of some serious health concerns caused by water impurity. When we say diseases, the list does not end with diarrhea and lead poisoning. It entails some chronic diseases too. Let’s have a look:

  1. CholeraCholera From Impure Water

Cholera is a diarrhea disorder prompted via the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. It is transmitted by liquids or food that has been contaminated with the aid of human waste. Water from shallow wells are customary sources of illness, where bathing or washing cooking utensils in the contaminated source might also transmit cholera.

Common symptoms of cholera include diarrhea and vomiting, stomach cramps and headache.

In closely populated places with poor sanitation and constrained water assets, a single infected individual can contaminate the water and influence the complete populace.

  1. DysenteryImpure Water Effects

Another water-borne disease, Dysentery causes fever, abdominal pain, server diarrhea with blood and mucus.  The bacteria enter the mouth through consumption of contaminated water or food.

You can tell dysentery apart you feel mild illness, stomach ache and diarrhea

  1. Polyomavirus Infection

These are tumor viruses which have adverse effects on humans and animals.  As we all are aware, contaminated water does weaken your body immunity through frequent diarrhea problems. Polynoma viruses, due to lack of immunity, develop in a body taking the shape of cancer.

  1. ArsenicosisSkin Disease from Impure Water

If you’re drinking water contains amounts of arsenic, it is a red alarm! Arseniciosis starts as painful skin lesions (keratosis), followed by affecting lungs, kidneys and bladder, often progressing into cancer.

  1. Trachoma (Eye Infection)

Consumption of impure liquids can lead to Trachoma which is a type of eye Infection. According to a survey, around 6 million people worldwide developed blindness with trachoma.  Also, Women & Children are more prone to this disease.

Drinking Pure Water With Tapp Me

Contamination is way more serious than just causing stomach cramps in your body. As a preventive measure, whether you are pouring water from submersibles, Tap, Handpump, earthen pot, RO, Purifiers or any other source, always keep the vessels and containers clean and hygienic. Make sure you keep cleaning them on regular intervals.

The time is now to make your move. Keep the water around you clean, healthy and safe. If your purifier and RO is not working as it should or needs servicing, reach out to us at Tapp Me!



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