Easy And Helpful Tricks To Remove Rust Stains From Your Bathroom

rust stain remove bathroom

Rust stains in the bathroom sink, tub or toilet are an unpleasant experience we all want to avoid. The harmful components in the water such as iron and chlorine are the main culprit behind these strong rust stains. Cleaning these stains are challenging sometimes and it takes lots of hard work and time to get rid of these stains from the bathroom. Loose pipes, broken pipes and leaking faucet cause these types of trouble in your bathroom. The most challenging part is that such types of stains appear normal, but cleaning these types of stains from the bathroom tiles, tubs and toilets can give your hard time.

These types of stains appear where continuous water flow is present. However, this does not take place overnight. It takes a good amount of time before stains appear on the surface of tubs, toilets, and tiles in the bathroom

If you are planning to clean these stains, then you need to know about the stains thoroughly before getting into the cleaning job.

Abrasive scouring pads

You can take advantage of this easily available cleaning product for cleaning rust stains from bathroom tiles and tubs. These types of products are designed to deal with rust stains. But remember, it won’t work on hard stains. This is a safe choice as it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals in it. A single abrasive scouring pad can be used multiple time and it can save lots of money which you are likely to spend on other cleaning tools and agents.

abrasive scoring pads


Who knew that a volcanic rock can be used for cleaning your bathroom. But it’s true that pumice rock is a great help when it comes to cleaning your tiles and tub in the bathroom. There are several pumice sticks and scrubbers available on the market.

pumice stone
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Lemon juice and salt

This home remedy is an easy and handy way to clean rust stains from your bathroom as well as in your kitchen. All you need to do is mix salt and lime juice and make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the rust stains and leave it for 24 hours. It takes some time to work on the stains, after that, you can scrub the stains with the help of abrasive scouring pads. The stains will come off easily.  

lime juice and salt
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Chemical based cleansers

Sometimes the above technique will prove ineffective when attempting to remove stubborn rust stains. This is when you can take help of chemical-based cleansers. You can use a hydrochloric acid based cleanser to clean bathroom and your kitchen. This type of cleanser is safe to use but please take precaution while using it

chemical base cleaners
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