6 Simple Tips to Improve the Efficiency of your Fridge

Fridge efficiency improvement

6 easy tricks to save energy consumption and monthly electricity bill

We all are in a process to #beattheheat; thanks to the Air Conditioner, Fan, Power Backups and Fridge for making Summers more tolerable. During Summers, the amount of electricity used is directly proportional to the temperature. With increasing temperature, the need of cooling appliances also increases and so will be the electricity bill. Talking about Refrigerator, it is not only a storage for perishable items but a savior for the summer season. From cold water, ice cubes, chilled shakes & juices to ice creams, kulfi and fresh fruits, it stows all. But with all this, it also helps in escalating our monthly electricity bill. Is there any way to reduce on electricity consumption?

fridge efficiency

There are no technical appliances to cut off any consumption and bill, but yes there are some easy daily habits which will certainly help in maintaining the electricity bill during the hot season. Tapp Me has got some, gear up!

  1. Get the Temperature Right, set it bright!

fridge efficiency

Keeping Fridge or Refrigerator on a low temperature consumes more energy, leaving you with a higher electricity bill.

For a Fridge, 37 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for its maximum efficiency. And for a Freezer, it should be kept at 5 degrees. To check the temperature, place a thermometer in a glass of water and put it in the center of the fridge. Check the temperature after 24 hours. For a freezer, keep it in between packets.

  1. Never let your fridge face heat

keep fridge away from sunlight

It is always recommended to keep Refrigerator away from direct heat, whether its Sunlight, oven or stove. Heat would compel the fridge to utilize more energy for maintaining Chill. On the other hand, if it will be placed under a shadow with proper ventilation it will be help in energy reduction. Proper ventilation helps in smooth heat flow produced from the refrigerator.

  1. Frequent Defrosting is a healer!

Fridge defrosting

The defrost button on your refrigerator can be a lifesaver! Defrosting the freezer on a regular basis maintains efficient cooling. You can save Rs. 6-9/- (1-1.5) units, per day. Otherwise, the cooling effect will stay low and the electricity consumption will stay same.

  1. Don’t Store Open Containers

Fridge stocking for efficiency

If open beverage bottles and food containers are kept in the fridge, the internal moisture level will go up leading the compress to work harder.

  1. Time for upgrading your appliance and house

Energy Rating of fridge

If your fridge is 10+ years old and has started posing cooling issues, it is an indication that it needs to get upgraded. Generally, the life of a double door refrigerator is 9- 11 years. So, it is advised that after 10 years, replace it with a new one. And when it comes to upgradation, plan a fridge with 3-star rating. Star Rating symbolizes energy efficiency.

  1. Regular Fridge Maintenance for longer gains

Cleaing fridge for efficiency

Never forget to clean your fridge on regular basis. It helps in making the compressor work more efficiently. All you need to do is to spare 30 minutes; know more with Tapp Me ‘How to do fridge cleaning in less than 30 minutes?’

There could be chances that your fridge is consuming energy due to issues in compressor, ice-maker or any other internal part, make sure you hire a professional technician for rescue in the first place

The mentioned tricks will help in increasing the efficiency of your fridge and freezer, reducing energy consumption and saving on monthly electricity bill. If you need help with your fridge, reach out to Tapp Me! Have a Happy Summer!



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