When Social Media celebrates Social Media Day!

When Social Media celebrates Social Media Day!

Whether you have to upload a hashtag loaded picture or write a sassy status, a social media site is always there to quench your thirst to seek attention

From a Pretentious Poke to a Trending Tweet,
This Social Media Day, let’s give our social media platforms a Hilarious Treat!

() How Facebook would have felt Happy?

FB (1)

() How Instagram would have got clicked with his new attire?

Insta (1)

() What Job Profile, Linkedin would have had?

linkedin (2)

() What would have Pinterest browsed on its page?

Pinterest (1)

() What question would Quora have had asked?


() What would have been Twitter’s tweet?

twitter (1)

() What video would Youtube have uploaded?


This Himesh Reshammiya Song is going on in your head. Isn’t it?
If not, here it is:  ‘o huzoor tera tera tera suroor’
Careful! Don’t go more nosy than him.

No matter how we crack up after looking at funny statuses and captions, Social Media will always be a necessity for our virtual world.



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