All you need is Tapp Me; here’s why?

All you need is Tapp Me; here’s why?

Here we are, to make sure you know the answer to that common question we hear Day-In and Day-Out!

A regular Electricity Flow in today’s time is a necessity, and so is an Electrician. These days, it is easier to walk miles looking for different Pokemons, but when it comes to looking for an Electrician, the job is easier said than done.

“Four seasons come and go but a decent Electrician never lands at our port.”

We certainly do have various options where we can look for them. But, are they are Safe? Are they Reliable? Are they Affordable?

Let’s explore places where you can find an Electrician!

Choosing one out of many: The Yellow Pages
When you ‘Open the not so yellow pages,’ you see the mentions of Tom, Dick, and Harrys’; choosing from them is a risk, you take reluctantly. On what basis would you choose when their talons are even like : ‘Yahaan shocks uplabdh hai!’

4 (4)

Going with the Society’s flow: Neighbour’s Reference
When you ‘rely on a neighbour’s reference’, you have no choice but to try the Electrician and give him a good feedback, even if the truth is otherwise; you wouldn’t want to miss kitty party gossip sessions over an Electrician, would you?

1 (5)

Using a man to find another one: Watchman
When you ‘Send your Watchman to look for an Electrician’, you certainly know the Watchman will end up asking for Extra-Commission. Like you won’t be paying tons of money to the Electrician, already.

2 (5)

The last resort: Driver
When you eventually ‘Resort to your Household staff’, you hear a long lasting list of lines full of taunts, “Driver hun ki Electrician”

3 (5)

Yeah, right there. We know you have a smile on your face.

Let the smile stay, give Tapp Me’s Electricians a chance and forget the hassles of yellow pages, mean aunties, taunts, ill timings and safety issues.

Life is meant to be simple. We’re here to simplify it for you.

We at Tapp Me, assure a quality service which comes with a 15 Day Warranty. If there is ever a fault at our end, we will rectify it within 15 days, free of cost!

P.S. – No Inspection Fee!





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