Tapp Me Offers Child Education Sponsorship To All Its Technicians


Tapp Me offers Child Education Sponsorship to all its technicians. This sponsorship Policy is part of the companies framework to support the technicians that work with the company. Under this provision, Tapp Me will fund the education of the technicians’ children. The objective behind this policy will contribute towards the country’s growth by supporting the children and their future. It is also an endeavor to assist the company’s skilled workers in providing quality education to their children.

Speaking about the policy, Tapp Me co-founder Snehanshu Gandhi said, “We firmly believe in the power of education to change lives. We also believe in extending our support to the technicians who work for us in various cities. This is why we have launched our education support policy. Formal education can open many doors of work opportunities for just about anyone.  And we absolutely wish that all children get the chance to pursue their dreams, choose their careers and pursue their interests to empower themselves, support their families and lead happy lives. ”

Gaurav Shrishrimal, Tapp Me co-founder, said, “The rising cost of formal education can be problematic for families with multiple children and the assistance in the form of school fees can go a long way in ensuring that children can remain in schools and continue their learning uninterrupted. This little support can go a long way in easing some of the financial burdens of the company’s skilled technicians.”

As a growing company and one of the startup success stories in India, Tapp Me co-founders consider this educational initiative by the company as a privilege and opportunity to help the country’s growth by empowering its children and youth to become financially-secure individuals. Tapp Me’s Education Sponsorship Policy will support a fixed number of students for every new academic year. The idea is to support technicians in all the cities where Tapp Me offers its home and office repair services.


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