There Is a Special Mint for Bulbs. Do You Know What It Is?


Laugh Out Loud with Tapp Me today

Let’s start……
Have you ever got confused between an Electrician and an Electrical Engineer? It’s not just you, the entire world is struggling including Engineers and Electricians themselves. 😛

Tapp Me Electrician and Electrical Engineer

Gone are the days of Dhinchak Pooja and GST Regime trolls. This summer season, Tapp Me has got a trendsetter for you to trip on.

Summer is here, yet we are broke
Still, can manage some bad-ass jokes
Make sure, enjoy it ‘on the rocks’
And always Keep Tapping, folks

  1. For us, we have mint gums and mouth fresheners but have you ever thought how would a bulb manage it?

Electrician Light Bulb

  1. Let’s mediate the Engineers’ way. Yoga and work sometimes go hand in hand.

Tapp Me Electrician Ohmmmm

  1. I -scream, U- Scream, we all scream for ICE-CREAM. It’s shocking that some people don’t even like ice cream!

Tapp Me Electrician favourite ice cream

  1. What? Did you mean Watt.Tapp Me Electrician Watt
  2. Select genders. Because having two genders nowadays is just too mainstream

tapp me engineer

  1. Oh! Strippers are legal in India. Guess we should all work on becoming electricians right now.Tapp Me Electrician Tools
  2. Stay Informed with Electricians because they know what is what

Tapp Me Electrician Current Events

  1. Ah!! That was new. Sometimes for an electrician, any solution is a good solution!

Tapp Me Electrician Solutions

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P.S. – Being an electrician or an engineer is not an easy job!



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