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Damp Wall Fix Tapp Me

Dampness on the wall is a common problem. Damp refers to water penetration or presence of moisture in the walls or ceilings. If left unchecked, dampness can quickly spread to other areas and cause mould to grow on the walls. Mould can cause health problems like allergies, fatigue and respiratory troubles.

Tapp Me brings to you some tips and hacks to solve these problems. If you need any help, you can choose Tapp Me Home Services!

  • First, check the source of the leak.

Water from air conditioners can cause damp walls. This usually happens due to faulty AC installation or water leakage from the unit. If your AC is the culprit, you can call an air conditioning service provider to quickly remedy the problem before dampness spreads to the wall.Damp wall repair tapp me

Dampness can also spread to the walls through rain water. It can occur if there are cracks in the walls or ceiling. Rain water can also seep into walls through cracks in the window or door frames. You can seal any gaps in the frames using caulk or cement to tackle the damp problem.

  • Dampness can spread from the soil if your house is at ground levelleaking pipes cause damp walls

There is no do-it-yourself remedy for this and you need to call a professional to seal the source of the damp. Dampness can occur due to leaky pipes. This is due to pipes that are embedded or run through the exterior wall structures. In such cases, a plumber can stop the dampness from spreading by fixing the leakage.

  • If there are cracks in the walls or ceiling, you can fill the gaps with cement.crack in damp walls

If you have tiles on the bathroom or kitchen walls where damp has spread, replace any cracked slabs with new ones. You can also use exterior paints that can stop damp from entering the walls. You can consult with a reliable paint contractor about the material and costs before deciding on implementing this measure.

  • Using lime plaster on internal walls can help you prevent any future damp-related problems.Plaster the damp walls tapp me

You can also ensure maximum wall breathability with the right coating such as soft distemper. Again, work with a professional to find the right paint to deal with damp walls. Your walls need to breathe so selecting the right paint is an important step in preventing damp walls.

  • Contact a roofer or your builder to repair your roof

Get him to repair your roof that may be causing moisture to seep into your walls. If your roof has tiles or slates, any broken ones can allow moisture to trickle into the ceiling. From the ceiling, damp can also spread to walls.roof repair tapp me

One of the best ways to keep dampness away from your house is to keep it well-ventilated. Once you have identified and fixed the source of the damp, prevent it from happening again through ventilation and proper house maintenance. Ensure your bathroom, cellars and all rooms receive fresh air daily. Exposure to sunlight through open windows can also be helpful in keeping walls dry.

Also, do not ignore any damp patches on your walls. A small wet spot can also be indicative of a big problem.


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